Saturday, August 15, 2009

Memorable Independence Days for Pakistan Cricket

1954, 12th-17th August

Pakistan beat England in a test match at the Oval; their first ever victory on English soil.

1974, 31st August

Pakistan won their first ever ODI; it was the 2nd ODI they ever played and the opposition was England.

1982, 12th-16th August

Pakistan beat England at Lord's; Mohsin Khan scored a double hundred and became only the 2nd Pakistani batsman, after Zaheer Abbas, to score a double century in England, and the first Pakistani to do so at Lord's. Mohsin Khan's 200 remained the highest score by a Pakistani at Lord's till Mohammad Yousuf overtook it in 2006.

1987, 6th-11th August

Pakistan drew with England at the Oval; Javed Miandad scored 260 and broke Zaheer Abbas' record of 240 for the highest score by a Pakistani on that ground.

1994, 9th-13th August

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka by 301 runs at the PSS in Colombo, which at that time was Pakistan's largest test win in terms of runs; it remained Pakistan's biggest win by runs till they beat India by 341 in Karachi in 2006.

2002, 14th August

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka in an ODI in Morocco; it was the first ever cricket series to be played in Morocco.

2004, 21st August

Pakistan beat India in an ODI in Amstelveen, Netherlands; it was the 2nd ODI on that ground and the first played between Pakistan and India.

2006, 17th-21st August

Pakistan forfieted their test against England at the Oval, in what was the first time in test history that the opposition forfieted a test match.

2009, 12th August

Pakistan beat Sri Lanka in a Twenty20 International in Colombo; it was the first international match in which Shahid Afridi captained Pakistan.


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