Sunday, August 16, 2009

Ganguly & Wright Re-United

If reports are to be believed, John Wright could become the man that replaces the sacked Kolkata Knight Riders coach, John Buchanan.

If Wright does take up the job and Sourav Ganguly is given the captaincy back during IPL's third season next year, it will bring back the combination that led India to its rise in International cricket at the start of this decade.

The Ganguly-Wright era was one of the best ones for Indian cricket.

It probably was not as good as the period Indian cricket has gone through during the last two years, under MS Dhoni, but it was the Ganguly-Wright partnership that catapulted India into the top echelon of cricket teams.

They turned India's fortunes around and tranformed an average team into a formidable unit.

Can their potential reunion in Kolkata's colors do the same for the Knight Riders?

Arguably so!

If Wright is appointed as the KKR coach, I would love to see Ganguly back at the helm of the team, in what could possibly be his last IPL season.

Last IPL season, Ganguly as captain, Wright as coach, KKR as IPL champions...

Now wouldn't that be some fairytale!

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  1. Anonymous said...


    Wright Ganguly combo led the seeds for the current revolution. The aristocracy, groupism was removed and team united as one bunch.

    Many times SG n JW didnt see eye to eye but they had one mission. to excel and they did.

    the careers of most of the players of today s core g roup began and roused in that era......

    so the success of today s team shud go to Wright n Ganguly's combo.

  2. Gaurav Sethi said...

    Sure Q.

    And while they're at it they should lease SRT from MI, RD from BRC and VVS from DC. Then it'll be one happy family again.

  3. adverbin said...

    Ganguly-Wright had the backing of Dalmiya in their efforts, even in a few mistakes (think Deep Dasgupta wicket-keeper). Can this level of support be expected from Khan? Or will he persist in his interference, well intentioned though it may be.

  4. straight point said...

    mark my words who ever comes and goes for kkr...but until unless there is change in the top (srk) they will always keep looking for cheap frills in press rather than serious cricket...

    that's why they are lingering on announcing and other important matter just to remain in news...speculations...

  5. Rayden said...

    Well I believe SRK has said Ganguly has not been confirmed as captain as yet and KKR will take time in announcing the new captain and coach.

    While I really hope the Ganguly - Wright combination will be back, I sort of have to agree with straight point - SRK needs to be changed. Of course i feel SRK will try hard for KRR to perform well in IPL3 and at the same time make a lot of money via his endorsements, get back KKR as a profitable and well performing team and then he shall sell the team for gazillions of dollars!!

  6. Q said...


    That's true!

  7. Q said...


    Why not? When's the next auction?

  8. Q said...


    Wasn't Dalmiya very interfering? I'm not sure but that is the impression I had..

    I think after last season SRK has realized the kind of distance he needs to keep from the team.. till now I think he's run the team as a player.. know what I mean? If next season he sits back and runs it like an owner with the right men in the right roles doing the job for him.. the team will do a lot better..

  9. Q said...


    I don't think these press releases for promotional purposes do much harm to the team.. I think the problem is that SRK probably uses a publicist from the film-line.. and u know what those kind think of reporting and news?

    Read my reply to Adverbin.. I think instead of changing SRK as the ownwer, if you can change the way SRK the owner is then the team can do better..

  10. Q said...


    As I said to SP and Adverbin.. instead of changing the owner, just change the owner - in a different way..

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