Saturday, August 1, 2009

Pakistan's Need to Persist with Fawad Alam and Umar Akmal

I highly doubt that Younis Khan or anyone in the Pakistan team management reads Well Pitched, but one may be fooled to think otherwise if they had read this post yesterday.

Here's the particular excerpt from the post that I'm talking about.

"If Younis Khan is thinking 2011 then he should not be thinking of Yousuf and Misbah as a part of those plans. I believe it is time for Yousuf and Misbah to concentrate on test cricket and be told that there was no longer a place for them in the ODI team.

That way Umar Akmal can come into the middle order; as can Shoaib Malik with either one of Nasir Jamshed or Imran Nazir partnering Kamran Akmal at the top."

Despite suggesting Yousuf's and Misbah's ouster from the ODI team, I certainly did not expect Younis Khan to actually do that.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Pakistan make the changes I thought they should.

In my view, it was the right decision.

The desired result was not achieved as Pakistan collapsed to 168, but at least the effort to blood young and promising talent at the expense of tried and tested seniors, who keep failing, was there.

Both Fawad Alam and Umar Akmal have done more than enough at the domestic level and A-team tours to command a place in Pakistan's middle order.

Their failure today should be looked at with one eye on the future. One failure should not be their judge; actually even a few failures should not be.

Yousuf and Misbah are not going to be around for too long; this is the best time to provide opportunities to their prospective long term replacements.

Both Fawad and Umar need to be given more chances in the remaining ODIs to prove that they belong at this level.

They are Pakistan's future.

Fawad has already shown what he is capable of in his debut test; while Umar's recent form coupled with a few of his boundaries this morning are enough to suggest the potential he has.

I believe they will come good for Pakistan very soon. For that to happen though, they need to be persisted with.

Play them in the remaining ODIs, take them to the Champions Trophy, give them the confidence, and let them settle into the groove of international cricket.

If Younis Khan is the kind of captain I think he is, then there is no reason why he would not do the above.

Note: Thanks to SM of Silly Point, I managed to watch the Live Stream of the 2nd ODI between Pakistan and Sri Lanka on Cric7.

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9 Pitched:

  1. Fayez said...

    While I feel that Umar Akmal and Fawad Alam deserve a place in Pakistan team, I don't agree with your argument. This keeping an eye at the future is the reason we never do well in the present. Players should be kicked out and new players should be brought in purely based on performance. I feel more confident about Umar Akmal doing the job for Pakistan than Misbah - so I support his inclusion. I feel more confident about Yousof doing the job for Pakistan that Imran or Nasir - so I support Yousof's inclusion in their place.

    If we take care of the present the future will be fine.

  2. Cricketguru said...

    Pak team going through its bad period they will bounce back.

  3. Husha said...

    Funny that the Sri Lankan team doesn't seem to consider dropping older players out of concern for the future. I think Mohammad Yousuf deserves inclusion seeing as he is the Pakistani Jayasuriya, still going strong. He could be great coming at 1 or 2 in the ODI batting line-up, take pressure off the lower order. I dunno maybe I'm not looking at the numbers properly, but look at his averages, his ODI batting has been almost consistent with test average.

  4. Q said...


    "If we take care of the present the future will be fine."

    I agree with that statement, however I do believe that this is the right time to give Umar Akmal and Fawad Alam as much experience as possible at the international level..

    So if Yousuf plays instead of Nasir then who opens?

  5. Q said...


    I believe so as well.

  6. Q said...


    You are right.. Yousuf's ODI record is very good and before he left for the ICL he was doing well for Pakistan in ODIs.. but the thing is that to fit in the new boys such as Umar and Fawad you need space in the middle order.. who can u sacrifice for that space? I guess Yousuf since Malik has a long future ahead of him..

    And Yousuf to open.. I'm not sure..

  7. BAQ said...

    Rumours suggest that Fawad and Gul are likely to be dropped for Misbah and Rana. Hopefully they turn out to be baseless rumours as this makes very little sense. I don't exactly see how Misbah can improve the team in place of Alam who's been in better form and is an excellent fielder. However, being a Fawad fan, he hasn't really impressed me with his ability to play bouncers lately. He also appears to struggle against Tushara (like many others) and Sanga seems to have noticed that as he brought the guy on almost as soon as Fawad walked in.
    I would probably give another chance to Nasir (not Nazir) but its more likely that they push Fawad back up to the opening slot to make room for Yousaf. The middle-order seemed to look so weak again with him missing, and maybe that'll reduce the pressure that Younis was so obviously under in the last game.
    Rana for Gul? I don't see much logic in that since Rana used to depend on his out-swing with the new ball and currently Aamer and Razzaq are doing a good job with the new ball. So I don't see where he fits in. Considering this pitch is supporting the fast-bowlers, Ajmal might be the more likely casualty in the bowling department.

  8. Q said...


    Fawad was not dropped, thank God for that.. but Rana did come instead of Gul.. he did the same thing Gul had been doing in the previous games.. scored 30 odd and got thrashed around when bowled..

    Gul should be back for the next ODI..

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