Monday, September 28, 2009

The ODI game lives on Courtesy the Champions Trophy

I was given a lot of stick when I said that South Africa is not going to reach the semi finals of the Champions Trophy.

Many said that I was underestimating them.

I even explained why I thought that South Africa did not have it in them to get to the semis, let alone the distance to lift the trophy.

Even then I was doubted.

I admit that I was not entirely right by saying Sri Lanka and New Zealand will go through from Group B, but I was right about South Africa!

Why they are labelled favorites before every such tournament is beyond my understanding.

Anyway, enough on them.

Something more important that this Champions Trophy has shown is that the 50-over game lives; and it will continue to live strongly.

Just as long as the format is appropriate.

7 ODI series, 55 day long world cups, meaningless triangulars like the Compaq series; all that doesn't work.

But a Champions Trophy, involving the world's top 8 sides, that crowns a champion at the end of 2 weeks works absolutely fine.

The tournament has been exhilarating to say the least.

Every single game has been competitive and exciting with very few dull moments.

So anyone who was thinking that the ODI game was on its last legs, needs to think again.

And the ICC seriously need to re-think the World Cup format.

For me the Champions Trophy has already been a success; it'll be even better if 3 out of my 4 predictions for the semi finalists come true; and even better if Pakistan go the distance!

Still a few big games left, hence surely this competition will only get better near its climax.

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  1. Stani Army said...

    It was the format that has made this tournament. I know many fans will be disappointed early but if your team plays well the a short tournament can be very exciting rather than watching your team plod along in a over-extended tournament designed just to make money.

  2. Anonymous said...

    I have always liked this tournament because it is usually short and exciting. Remember Chris Gayle monstering the 2006 tournament?

    But this one is a cracker so far. Who knows who will win the bloody thing?

  3. Q said...


    It was the format indeed!

  4. Q said...


    I agree.. though the previous champs trophy were slightly lacking cos of the inclusion of minnows..

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