Monday, September 7, 2009

Pakistani Crickets, Match Fixing, and Drugs

“I know one of these players has been involved in fixing matches while the other has used drugs”

"The Indian Cricket League organisers have put on hold the outstanding payments of its Pakistani recruits after learning about the involvement of a former Test player in fixing the matches of the unauthorised league, media reports said on Sunday."

Why are they not naming the players?

Anyone with a little knowledge about the Pakistan cricket infrastructure and team knows all these claims are not unsubstantiated.

Everyone knows who the match fixers are, everyone know which team members do recreational drugs, everyone knows who bounces on opportunities to fix games or individual performances.

This menace of sports betting has never been wiped out from Pakistan.

I can't speak of other countries that were involved in match fixing in the 90s, but I know that the PCB nor any other official authority in Pakistan did anything to counter this menace when it first surfaced in the mid 90s.

Banning Saleem Malik, who was nearing the end of his career, and Ata Ur Rehman, who never deserved to play for Pakistan anyway, was never going to stop players from throwing games.

As soon as Justice Qayyum's inquiry let off half a dozen Pakistani cricketers, it was understood that the whole mess was swept under the carpet.

Hence, all these match fixing claims have never really died down.

The point, however, is that why speak of it the way Qasim Umar has done.

I also know what he's talking about, but I don't write about it.


Because I can't do anything to stop it!

People like Qasim Umar come out and speak up and get a few news coverage and go back home. Stop speaking and start doing something to get rid of this shit for good.

Why say you know 2 players involved in match fixing and drugs?

Tell the world who they are!

Expose them!

Get rid of them!

Why are the ICL organizer staying quiet on the name of the former Pakistani cricketer?

They should also bring him out in public so that the world knows who he was.

You can't keep talking of all this and not do anything about it.

The PCB, the Pakistan Government, the Sports Ministry, other authorities, all of them need to get together and put an end to all this once and for all!

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  1. Som said...

    Indeed, someone needs to do something. every other dau a Sarfraz Nawaz, a Rashid Latif or a Qasim make such claims, Pakistan cricket squirms in embarrassment.

    Encourage people to share what they know and make people own up the responsibility of what they say.

  2. Rayden said...

    Well the people who do match fixing are obviously complete scum but I personally feel these people who say - oh i know the match was fixed or i know the person who fixed a match and then never name the person are equally scum.

    I am talking about ex-players of course or people from the management. They really need to start naming people or just shut up. I am sorry but Rashid Latif talks about match fixing all the time just to be in the limelight. He just doesnt shut up. Just name the guys you know who are match fixing and please testify if there is an enquiry

  3. straight point said...

    as soon as they name names...they will become news... instead of being in news... ;-)

  4. The Old Batsman said...

    I dunno who the players are but that headline got my attention!

  5. LiB said...

    People like Qasim are a joke.. if you're so f***in afraid then just shutup and stay at home.. what good has he done by claiming he knows who the match fixers are but not naming them!

    all it does is gets him some news coverage, paints a bad picture of Pakistan Cricket, and boils the blood of people like us.. forget the players who'd want to kill him.. i'd love to shoot him between the legs ala pulp fiction style..

  6. Wasim said...

    Qasim Umar is working closely with MQM a political party which is directly in clash with Imran Khan so no wonder Qasim is pointing finger at Imran.

    Rashid Latif blew the whistle which resulted in the Justice Qayuum Inquiry but all the audio tapes he presented as evidence were found to be tempered with and pre-edited which led some people to believe that he tried to cover his own role in the whole scenario.

    These Ex players only run their mouth when they are out of Job, I think people have stopped paying attention to these guys as most of them have lost their credibility.

  7. Reverse Swing said...

    well awesome han .. EX is hot these days weather it is ex generals or ex players. All of them were culprits at there own time and now they are trying to be innocent and respectable by pointing fingers on others without proof, .... oh yes they got proof? then who the hell is holding them to bring it to court.

    For GOD sake is there anyone in this country on media trying to talk sensibly or at least not at the stake of nation's pride.


  8. scorpicity said...

    These ex-players suffer from an acute case of penis-envy.

    They just can't seem to stand to see the success of the modern players that they constantly have to throw mud.

    As for the ICL's new scam, forget this one. The question is what happened to the previous one i.e, addressing to the world the reasons why Dinesh Mongia and Chris Cairns were suspended.

    Kapil famously claimed that he will address it after the tournament and hey it has been over a year!

    That is why it is sometimes better for the world to have one set of thieves who at least have a use-by date through elections whereas businessmen in charge can never be removed and at worse will form cartels and demand a ransom.

  9. Unknown said...

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  10. Unknown said...

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  11. Anonymous said...

    its sad former cricketers are speaking against the team like this, maybe they havent got anything to do so they pick up the phone and dial the media. but 1 thing worries me is that i have seen shoaib malik throw a match myself on TV, it was a lahore vs sialkot twentytwenty match i dunno if u guys saw it. maybe theres some truth to match fixing after all.

  12. Captain^ said...

    Shoaib Malik did not throw the match for money or any other material benefit, but it was to show his dis-approval (maybe not in the right way) of the way their match equation against Lahore Lions was tilted in favour of the opposition.
    They made it very obvious, and even accepted to this in the post match interview. His exact words were " If you deal with us in an unfair manner, then this is how we will respond AND we are correct in doing so "

    (Atleast he had the balls to stand up for his teammates against the management)

  13. scorpicity said...

    Eid Mubarak everyone

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