Sunday, September 6, 2009

Well Pitched is Alive .. Almost..

Well Pitched is well and alive and I hope to be back in full flow soon.

Hopefully around the time the Champions Trophy comes around.

Till then I'm going to try and concentrate on my MBA, which till now has revolved around cooking and tasting a variety of cuisines, checking out Manchester's night spots, mingling with new people from all over the world, acting like animals in a class room, listening to some Manchester United vs Manchester City arguments, and also doing a bit of accounting.

That was an exercise, and yes I am doing an MBA.

I haven't been able to watch a lot of cricket here.

I caught the last half an hour that led England to the Ashes victory. There was no way I was going to miss that!

I also watched the rained off first T20 match between England and Australia.

That was an interesting experience.

Some Indians and myself decided to watch the match at an Australian sports bar called "The Walkabout".

And we were joined by an American woman, a Taiwanese man, and a Greek man; all from my class who were interested in learning about cricket.

Yes they were!

Australia's innings and my cricket tutorial went on simultaneously. Its a pity the match got rained off.

The best part, however, was that the American and the Greek were not bored! In fact, they thouroughly enjoyed it!

Which surprised as well as pleased me.

I've met a number of people from different places here like Mexico, Spain, and Germany; all of them have asked me about cricket and how it is played!

I think that is awesome.

If I get the chance I'll take all of them down to Old Trafford.

One thing though; they have the appetitie for T20 cricket but there is no way they will even think of watching a game that goes on for 5 days or even 8 hours for that matter.

Tip for the ICC: Use T20 and take it to the world!

And as I said earlier, I'll be back in full flow soon. Hopefully.

Make your pitch on this post...

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5 Pitched:

  1. adverbin said...

    Keep blogging, if only a line or two. After reading about Amy.S our small blogging (and reding/commenting)community will start worrying if some one does not blog for some time.

  2. Anonymous said...

    very cool.

  3. Rayden said...

    Hey Q, good to have you back man. I was wondering why no posts for so long.

  4. Reverse Swing said...

    Hi Q, its almost time to come back now. EID MUBARAK in advance :)

    I did some predictions for Champions Trophy but those are foolish , really looking forward for your predictions :)

  5. Anonymous said...

    Congratulations on starting your MBA. Good to know you'll be back blogging.

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