Friday, April 30, 2010

Can Australia do it? Is there Hope for Pakistan?

So Zimbabwe have beaten both Australia and Pakistan in the warm up matches - does it really matter?

With T20 cricket, you can never say. Even Afghanistan stand a chance!

I just got my head around the different groups and the seedings and was surprised to see Australia seeded 9th.

Then I remembered how they had exited the last World T20 in the first round. Back then they had a tough group; this time its relatively easier with Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Oh no wait... Bangladesh gave Australia a hard time in the only T20 International they have played, while they have beaten Pakistan only once in the format; a couple of months ago when Pakistan didn't feel like winning anything.

So do Australia have it fairly easier? Especially after losing to Zimbabwe?

Another interesting fact is that Australia have never beaten Zimbabwe in T20 cricket. They lost in the only T20 international between the two teams in 2007, and the other day in the warm up game.

I'm not saying that Australia will exit in Round 1 again; they might make it at the expense of Pakistan.

What I am saying is that Zimbabwe will probably make it to Round 2 instead of either New Zealand or Sri Lanka.

Zimbabwe are out there to prove a point and such teams are generally dangerous; especially in T20 cricket.

As for Pakistan, who always have a point to prove, I just don't think lady luck would smile on them this time around no matter how much I want them to create the magic of 2009 again.

There is just too much going on behind the scenes for them to be able to leave everything behind and concentrate on the cricket.

I hope they can and I hope Afridi can lift his troops, but it will be tough.

However, if they do get past Bangladesh and Australia and make it to Round 2, Pakistan might just get a relatively easier route to the semis.

Group E has the potential of looking like this assuming Pakistan get there:

1. Pakistan
2. New Zealand or Zimbabwe
3. South Africa
4. England or Ireland

Yeah I do think Ireland can upset England.

Not that tough any more is it?

And we all know how dangerous Pakistan can be if they get on to some kind of roll.

And from the semis, its a lottery as MS Dhoni recently said.

A third straight final for Pakistan?

Unlikely but there's always hope!

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  1. Anonymous said...

    The Aussies might not go out in the first round, but they won't get to the semi's. They feel somehow shambolic, I can't work out why.

  2. Abdullah said...

    Dil Dil Pakistan… in a few hours we will be launching our campaign ICC T20 2010, we are the champs, lets play like champs !! Go BoomBoom and the gang !

  3. Abdullah said...

    Q, this one if for you!

    "Pakistan cricket may be in turmoil but that has rarely been an indicator of how they will play. And Twenty20 is just down their alley. It rewards instinct, freedom and fearlessness, and that has been the hallmark of Pakistan cricket."- Harsha Bhogle

  4. Abdullah said...

    The past turmoil doesn't matter and shouldn't affect our performance in the T20WC 2010 :p

  5. Fayez said...

    - afridi not sticking to the aamir+razzaq combination for opening the attack seems strange. it is a tried formula that worked really well for us in the past.
    - we're desperately missing umar gul in the last 10 overs.
    - afridi's bowling form doesn't seem to be good.
    - overall, bowling seems completely out of rythm.

  6. Fayez said...

    as for batting, we didn't get to see much against bangladesh as the openers played till the 15th over. but based on what we saw against australia, it seems like everyone is in decent touch. the only change i'd recommend is that afridi should go up the order (like in the previous T20 world cup).

  7. sam said...

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