Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pakistan needs a Flamboyant Shahid Afridi!

Bangladesh almost gave Pakistan a few heart attacks last night, but Australia made sure that the defending champions do not get knocked out in Round 1 of the World T20.

More than Pakistan's chances of advancing in the 20-20 world cup, I was concerned about Waqar Younis. The last time Pakistan got knocked out of a world cup in the West Indies, the coach did not make it back home.

Fortunately, things are different this time.

Pakistan's super league stage begins today with their first match against England. With New Zealand and South Africa to follow, the semi finals look like a sure shot but as always, with Pakistan one never knows!

They have not played all that badly so far, but something is missing.

All the batsmen seem to be in good touch, but the bowling, which was supposed to be Pakistan's firepower has lacked the zing.

Afridi, who is one of the most dangerous T20 bowlers, has gone wicketless in the two games against Bangladesh and Australia. What's more is that he has been expensive going at over 8 an over.

That is one of the key reasons why he has not looked like himself in the field.

Afridi has always been the go to man with the ball for past captains; he has always been the one chirping away in the outfield bucking up the rest of the players.

Now as captain, he needs to be doing that even more.

But due to his own below par performance with the ball, he has probably lost some confidence, and in turn his ability to lift his team mates.

For Pakistan to play like the T20 world champions, they need Afridi back at his best. Not with the bat, but with the ball and in the field.

One wicket will do wonders for him, but even if it doesn't come, as the captain of the team Afridi should be concentrating on the bigger picture.

We need more of the flamboyancy that he shows in his batting to come out in Afridi the captain.

That is the only way, we can have a successful Pakistan!

So far, I feel the team selection and the batting and bowling order have not been the best that Pakistan can offer.

The absence of Mohammad Asif and the presence of Mohammad Sami is inexplicable. Surely Asif needs to come back for the Super League games.

Not attacking the bowling with Razzak, something that worked 10 months ago, is also hard to understand.

Afridi needs to be more flexible with his bowlers and less so with his batsman.

Sure Mohammad Hafeez is a domestic star, but in international cricket he is at best an average player. That's why he keeps getting dropped and keeps making comebacks.

His offspin is crucial and can be a potent weapon if used wisely, so he should play but surely not at number 3.

Pakistan is wasting Fawad Alam at number 8 and no one knows this boy's game better than Afridi under whom at the domestic level Fawad has scored tons of runs in all forms of the game.

Give Fawad the number 3 spot and allow him to steer Pakistan's chase or setting of a total; I am sure he will not fail and will do a far better job than Hafeez in that position.

Afridi has been a flamboyant captain at the domestic level and if only he brings that out in the West Indies, does Pakistan stand a chance to have yet another successful T20 campaign.

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  1. Zag said...

    I think the reason behind Mohammad Asif's absence is that he went for a lot of runs in Pak's two warmup games. He lacks pace and maybe that is the reason the coach and captain thought of using Sami instead of him on St Lucia's slow pitches. Now that we have moved on from there, we'll see both Asif and Razzak in action with the ball.

    Also, I can bet anything, Afridi will be back to his old self as a dangerous bowler in bridgetown, because Afridi's strength is his pace, which turned into his weakness on St Lucia's pitches.

  2. Late Inswing said...

    They must get a real keeper, or play without one.

    Ajmal is the Pakistani Ashish Nehra

    Pak vs SA will be fun to watch. Flair Vs Method in every sense.

  3. Mudassar @ CricketVibe said...

    Afridi is either using too much of his brain, somebody please tell him he doesn't have anything to do with brains.

    or he might not be using it at all in the middle.

  4. Anonymous said...

    i don't hate afridi...i simply pretend he doesn't exist anymore....i was his biggest fan...well i will still support him, but robotically...

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