Monday, March 21, 2011

5 Reasons why Pakistan will win the World Cup !

We love to covince ourselves with reasons on why Pakistan will go on to lift the trophy. Many have written on the same subject, and a couple of the reasons listed below might also be identical to the ones you have read earlier. There might be more (definitely), but these are the similarities between the 1992 campaign and the the one underwary right now. Some of these repeated themselves in our victory in the T20 World cup in 2009 as well, and back home when a particular series of events recur and give us what we want to see.. we stamp them as pre-requisites for times to come. Let's have a look and feel good till we can :

1) Intikhab Alam

Ask a newborn in Pakistan who do you want as the National cricket teams coach and he'l say Intikhab Alam. He wouldn't even know how Intikhab uncle looks like but he'l know that this was the same coach who was with us when we won the World cup in 1992 and even when we won the T20 World cup in 2009. Even though he isn't coach, his mere presence has charged the team up, or maybe it's just the effect of a rare sane person in the squad.

2) Aqib Javed

One more personality in the same category as above is the man who was spotted by Imran khan when he was 17 years old. He bowled in the 1992 World Cup with the intelligence that can be branded as gifted (who can forget his slower delivery which got Mark Greatbatch).
Give him extra points as he was the bowling coach in the T20 campaign in 2009 as well. Imran Khan always said he was more intelligent than Wasim and Waqar, it's time to show the world how true this is.

3) Led by a Khan

The only times we have won World Titles was when our leader had a Khan tag.
Imran Khan did it 1992
Younus Khan did it in 2009
and Shahid Khan will do it in 2011

4) Beating the unbeaten

New Zealand was an unbeaten side in the 1992 WC, the only side to beat them was Pakistan. The cornered tigers actually humbled them twice. The most memorable was the one that came in later in the Semi finals

South Africa romped over all their opponents in the 2009 T20 WC, until the men in green put the breaks on in a nail biting finish

Our men have already given an indication on what is to come by beating the unbeaten Aussies and putting to halt what has been an amazing winning streak of 34 games on the trott spanning 3 World cup tournaments.

5) Dethrone Australia

Whom did we dethrone when we won the cup in 1992 ?

Whom do we have dethrone when we do it again on the 2nd of April 2011 ?
Oops ! Australia again

The only two times we won the title, the captain quit (atleast that particular form of the game). Imran khan called it quits after 1992 and Younus khan announced his retirement from the T20 version. Only if Afridi can make a similar announcement, this should be the final nail in the coffin.

Here's to Pakistan's Third ICC World Title !

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14 Pitched:

  1. Sehwag said...

    paki cricketers are like taxi drivers in Dubai - rude , uncouth and smelly shit. If all of you pakis promise to take a shower and be clean for a day I will hand you over the world cup .. now go wash yourself u sick smelly slimy mothafokkah

  2. Captain^ said...

    Dear Sehwag,

    Noted with thanks.
    A question though, I was wondering how would you control the Sania Mirza's, Reena Roy's, Zeenat Aman's, Sushmita Sen's and Bipasha Basu's once we start taking a shower ? Cuz they are clearly unable to resist even when we dont !

    I think we'd rather stay this way so that your people do not fall across the border (in pursuit) :)

  3. Golandaaz said...

    Are we seeing a bit of Imran in Shahid?

  4. Raheal said...
      This comment has been removed by the author.
  5. Raheal said...

    @ Sehwag,

    Loser makes excuses while Winner gets to Phuck the PROM Queen.

    Take it or leave it my advice !!

  6. BiLo said...

    Nice work Kap!! However i feel that it'll be an honor in itself if this unit proceeds to the final (winning the cup would be awesome, of course. I am already very proud and astonished on their achievements so far (finishing first in the group matches) I remember many of us (including you) were of the opinion of struggling to qualify for the QF!

  7. Captain^ said...

    @ Bilo,
    I doubted the chances when i read Sohail Tanvir's name in the squad, I even postponed my plans to buy a new TV then. But otherwise, everyone of us knew no matter what they do, they'll always creep into the QF. but honestly, Afridi knew what he was talking about when he said that our chances of a Semi were realistic.

    But i like it when people dont think we stand a chance, cuz the last that happened.. we went on to win the cup :)

  8. Anonymous said...

    When did Pakistan win 2 CWC's? Delusions of grandeur

  9. Captain^ said...

    Hey Anonymous,

    No delusions at all sir. If you care to read carefully, I mentioned 2009 T20 world cup in the blog. That I belive is reality, if you allow us to believe that at least ?

  10. aadi said...

    No Doubt Pakistan is playing well in this world cup but still india is better team in this World Cup as compare to pakistan.

  11. Ritwajit said...

    Why Pakistan will wind world cup...Pakistan as country is collapsing and resurrecting evertime. The 2007 World Cup death of Bob Woolmer brought shame to them..their cricketing world is on deep shitt superstars in them right now...a team definitely not in glory but a team with young talented lad..led by an afghan have heart to win against all odds..this team is steel it may get beaten but it won't be broken...this Pakistan team led by Sahid Afridi is full of heart and self believe...this team is bowling well...dropping catches...producing nonsens wonder but still got a heart...all of them have a burning fire inside them...which tells them that they will win this world cup of 2011 with no reason unleft...the country needs a revelation morale right now..only Afridi's boys can provide them this reculse..only a world cup victory will bring the country together which is failing at all front be it political or socio-economical. The country is in troubled water right now...everything is going against them and only a world cuo victory of 2011 will give it a hope..that the country can move againts all odd..Pakistan needs this world cup..not because of any whimps and fancy of a superstar like Sachin Tendulakr for India but for each country men in Pakistan...they need it bad ...they need it sick...they need the world cup ugly...they know that they are not that good..but they can pull it off because..this Pakistan team have fire in their heart.

  12. Pakaian wanita said...

    That's a very interesting one. Your ideas would be very useful and I would like to share this article to my friends and colleagues. I can't wait for your next articles in your blog. I hope your blog got million visitors. good job!

  13. Sachin said...

    Indian cricketers are like taxi drivers in Dubai - rude , uncouth and smelly go wash yourself u sick smelly slimy

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