Thursday, March 24, 2011

The New Analytical Pakistan

When was the last time Pakistan chose their playng 11 keeping in view the strength of the opposition ?

Following Pakistan cricket we all have seen opposition sides struggling at 50-4 or 100-5. But when was the last time Pakistan did not allow the tail enders to drag the score beyong 200 and make a match of it ?

Do you remember Pakistan changing a winning combination (that beat Australia) just to counter the conditions and the plan of the rival batsmen ?

When ever did Pakistan's openers bat with utmost responsibility so as to finish the game off themselves, and at the same time look so damn comfortable in the middle and not give us any thoughts of a pakistan style collapse happening ?

Pakistan are slow starters man - just wait and watch . This used to be our typical response when Pakistan used to lose initial matches of high profile tournaments, and secretly pray and hope that they would bounce back somehow

Was there ever a world cup when Pakistan did not have to rely on team X beating team Y by A amount of runs ? Or another match to be washed out by rain ? for them to qualify for the second round

When was the last time Pakistan topped their group ? And was the first team to qualify for the Semi's ?

And C'mon Gents ! did you ever think Pakistan's strength would be their spin bowling ? with barely 2 fast bowlers in the side !! used to give me nightmares

This time around, Pakistan is not hanging around and hoping that history repeats itself. It's time we rewrite it from A to Z, page by page - word by word - and alphabet BY alphabet !

Pakistan is thinking about their team combinations, analyzing their strength and working on their weaknesses.

Pakitan is just so glad the world did not give them a chance at this world cup, cuz the last time this happened - we went on to lift the cup :)

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  1. BiLo said...

    Absolutely right! I think the credit goes to the coaches (and this is not a line from Afridi's post match presentation speeches). It definitely is the brain of Waqar and Aaqib behind the team strategy.
    Moreover, each and every player has contributed from the start of the tournament, shows team unity and committment!

  2. Nawed said...

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