Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dropped and dropped again!!!

Sad, disgusted, no hope left, I knew it, I can’t believe it....these were
just some of the few emotions and expressions that were going through mine
and almost certainly another 180 million plus minds around the world, when
Mr. Kamran Akmal dropped Ross Taylor twice, which almost guaranteed that
Pakistan lose the match from that point onwards. But why are we so shocked?
Now that I think about it while keeping my emotions in check, Pakistan
Cricket is just another reflection of the country Pakistan itself. You
can’t blame Kamran, we know he’s useless, but blame the person who gave him
the job. Just like the inept and incompetent leadership that has been
bestowed to our beautiful country, our cricket administration is in
shambles. So how can we expect our PCB to make any right decision by
choosing the right administrators and players, when the only model they have
in front of them is of a corrupt and ineffectual government. We can only
speculate the reason; why Kamran Akmal is still wicket keeping in the most
prestigious Cricketing Event in the world, but we know for sure that his
skills and abilities have nothing to do with it. Sad but true that this also
goes for almost every state run organization in Pakistan. Pakistan’s hopes
being ‘dropped’ over and over again by individuals we place our expectations
As far as Kamran Akmal is concerned; they say its insanity when you keep
doing the same thing and expect different results. We can’t expect any magic
behind the stumps while we keep persisting with Mr. Akmal.

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