Monday, June 24, 2013

What's worse than losing an Ashes series?

The team flies to England, the venue of their most important test series of the year, for the Champions Trophy.

The captain gets injured.

One of your key players gets involved in a pub brawl.

You lose all your matches.

Two days before the practice games for your all important test series, the head coach gets sacked.

And the captain steps down as a national selector.

All this and three weeks away from the first test.

Sounds like Pakistan doesn't it?

Its not. Its AUSTRALIA !

Yes the almighty Australians have been acting very Pakistani of late.

Not only have the Australians fallen, they have disintegrated into an dis-spirited bunch.

I won't lie that its good to see another team go through the sort of issues that forever plague Pakistan, but honestly it is also sad to see a former superpower go through all this shit.

It also goes to show that all is fine as long as one is winning. You start losing and even the mighty start to crumble.

If England were favorites to win, now the odds for the 2013 Ashes would have tilted even more significantly in their favor.

Australia is without a coach at the moment, even though one will be named soon enough, their captain is injured, and their key opener is on the sidelines because he decided to punch a member of the English team!

Their preparations could not have been worse.

You know what's worse than losing an Ashes series for Australia?

Losing two in the same year!

The prospects of that happening are looking extremely bright!

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