Monday, March 16, 2015

Cricket Body Protection – What is required?

With the game changing at an ever ferocious pace it is vitally important you have all the correct cricket equipment in your armoury when batting, field and even bowling.

Batting Pads
It is of course key that you have your legs well protected as a lot of deliveries strike the pads and therefore a good level of protection is required. Many of the latest pads are incredibly lightweight while still offering phenomenal support and safeguard. You will find excellent choices from manufacturers such as Gray Nicolls, Gunn and Moore, Kookaburra and Spartan. You will of course find a wide range of choices depending on budget and skill level.

Batting Gloves
With the number of hand injuries regularly occurring within the game it is at the forefront of all manufacturers’ thoughts to provide lightweight gloves with superb comfort and protection all day long. Again like the pads you can choose a wide range to suit all budgets, styles and skill levels. Again manufacturers we recommend here at All Rounder Cricket are Gunn and Moore, Kookaburra, Gray Nicolls and Spartan.

Wicket Keeping
For those chosen glove men around the leagues, comfortable and affordable equipment is always key to being nimble and concentrating at a high level ball after ball. Gloves, Pads and Helmets are a key cog in the life of every wicket keeper. Manufacturers we recommend are Gunn and Moore, Puma, Gray Nicolls, Spartan and Adidas.

Body Protection
With body injuries a part of the game, the ability to create products that add more protection while still being lightweight and comfortable are a phenomenal bonus to all cricketers around the world. 

Aero are pioneers in body protection and offer excellent choices which I will now talk about more in depth below.

For more details on products please check out Aero Body Protection.

Aero Strippers
The hugely popular Strippers consist of a Thigh Pad and Inner Thigh Pad combined in a comfortable yet highly protective set. Protection of the upper and lower thighs, inner groin, hip bone and a section of the backside offer superior protection compared with any other set currently available on the market.

Groin Protection
The Groin Protector Shorts, Trunks and Briefs offer excellent comfort and support depending on what type of fit and style you require. You can add the Aero Groin Protector Cup into a pouch at the front of any variant you like to offer a superb feel all day out in the field as and when required.

Cricket Helmets
Helmets are in the news a lot nowadays and rightly so, it is crucial all cricketers of any age and skill level WEAR a helmet at all times when batting, keeping wicket or fielding close to the action.

We highly recommend the Masuri Vision Series Helmets here at All Rounder Cricket as they meet all the safety standard regulations and are the market leader currently worldwide supplying quality players such as Kumar Sangakkara, Steven Smith and Michael Clarke.

They are an essential part of your cricket equipment and one item you should not compromise on price for, no matter the level of cricket you never know what could happen with a beamer or a bouncer coming down at your head level. 

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