Monday, March 16, 2015

Vital Cricket Equipment for your Bags

With many different handle sizes and weights it is key you have the right Cricket Bat that is comfortable to play with. Making your choice all comes down to your budget, what level of the game you are playing at as well as your technique to name but a few.

Moving onto Protection…

It is obviously important to have the right protection for your wellbeing while playing the game. Lightweight and comfortable protection is always key as you will need to have nimble yet protective Batting Pads when looking for those quick singles. On the front of the pads you will see panels which are horizontal which should be at knee height, with the section above covering a section of the lower thigh.

The latest pads usually have 3 straps which allow for excellent adjustment with incredible lightweight protection all day long.

Another vital part of your equipment requirements should be your Batting Gloves.

The hand and especially fingers need to have phenomenal protection while facing any kind of bowling with the amount of broken and dislocated finger injuries currently in the game. Again like pads the modern day glove provides an amazing amount of protection while being supple enough for additional movement as and when required. The bottom hand is an area that is well protected especially for deliveries which rise up sharply from the pitch and generally hit this area on the equipment.

An Abdominal Guard or Box is a vital part of your playing equipment whether you are batting, keeping wicket or fielding close to play. Whether it is a hard ball or a soft ball you really should be protected at all times in this sensitive area.

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A phenomenally crucial part of your plans when playing must be the use of a Cricket Helmet.
Keeping your head secure at all times is paramount for your own safety while participating at any level of the game. Helmets will not provide 100% protection as no equipment can guarantee complete safety but they will certainly help safeguard your own personal health to a high standard. We highly recommend the Masuri Vision Series Helmets as they meet the current worldwide safety standards.

Clothing is also a key part of the items you should have within your luggage.

The traditional game is played in white trousers with a white shirt in either short or long sleeve. Jumpers are particular popular at the start and end of the season due to the nature of the weather in the UK. Caps and Hats also help to protect against the sun on those warmer days out in the fielding.
As you can see from the above items you will need to have quite a large bag to hold all of your cricket equipment. All of the above are required/standard for all cricketers of any level.

Cricket Shoes/Boots are of course an essential part of playing the game. When choosing it is vital you select a shoe which feels comfortable and one that also has phenomenal grip in any situation.
Spiked shoes are ideal when playing on soft ground. Rubber is better for use on harder ground. You can buy a boot which has a mixture of both spikes and pimples for an alternative which would be suitable for all types of conditions.

Thigh Pads are used to protect the upper thigh when batting. When facing a delivery the thigh pad will be on the side which is closest to the bowler. Usually they are connected using two straps. It is also an option to wear a second, smaller thigh pad on the inner thigh of the back leg.

The higher the level of cricket the more advisable it is to wear a Chest Guard and Arm Guard for further protection.

Above are the main pieces of equipment we recommend every cricketer uses/or at least has with them in their luggage at all times. Also you could carry a drinks bottle, cricket ball, sunscreen, spare spikes/tool as well as Wicket Keeping Equipment for those who require this.

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