Wednesday, March 9, 2016

ICC World T20 2016: The Teams to Watch

For any cricket lover the most exciting time for watching cricket is the World Twenty20 and 2016 is no different. There are always certain teams that are just the teams to watch.The first groups for the tournament have been announced and everyone is really looking forward to the excitement.  Here are the top five contenders that you should be keeping an eye on.


Right on top of the list is India and they really are a team to watch during the World Twenty20. India is not only to be the host this year they have also been ranked the number one team. India is standing at a rating of 127 with 3169 points after 25 matches. Playing on home ground is one of the biggest advantages in cricket and with Indias young and energetic team, they are sure to keep everyone on the edge of their seats. They have extraordinary batting talents and they have excellent bowlers. They usually play a strong game from the beginning to the end. 

West Indies

Second on the list is West Indies, and despite winning back in 2012 they really are going to have to play hard to win against India. Currently trailing at nine ratings behind. They are standing at a rating of 118, with 2249 points after 19 matches. Their major strength comes from their batters and they are usually just behind India when they meet in tournaments.

South Africa

The third team to watch is South Africa, standing at a rating of 118, with 3428 points after 29 matches. South Africa seems to be a wild card when it comes to the T20s. They have come close to winning on many occasions with just some bad luck missing it each time. They are a team to watch because you never know how they are going to play and what their outcomes are going to be.

New Zealand

Fourth on the list is New Zealand at a rating of 116, with 2787 points after 24 matches. With an impressive batting order whether its the top or middle, they are undoubtedly strong. An all-rounded team in both batting and their bowling which could earn them a important wins early on in the competition.


Fifth on the list is England, standing at a rating of 112, with 2462 points after 22 matches. Even though England is a strong cricket team they can easily lose focus when they are put under a lot of strain. Their performance often fluctuates in matches, often easily winning and sometimes spiraling out of control. You will need to keep an eye on them to see what happens.

Whether you are a fan of these top five or prefer to support other teams with one of these bonus codes, you should definitely keep an eye on the action. 2016s World Twenty20 promises to be one the most exciting and nail biting cricket tournaments that we have seen in a while.

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