Monday, March 14, 2016

ICC World T20: Stop making a mockery of everything Shahid Afridi says

So Shahid Afridi has done it again!

He has made a statement and the media from Pakistan to India has gone haywire.

The statement in all its essence was a simple one, "we get a lot of love in India, in fact the love we receive here is more than what we get in Pakistan also".

Why can't we perceive such statements for their positivity and diplomacy?

Why does the Pakistani media need to label such a statement as blasphemous?

Why are Pakistani TV anchors sending laanat towards Afridi?

Why does the Indian media have to read into it as a statement made to lick their underbelly in return for an IPL contract?

Doesn't everyone know the drama that ensued in the build up to Pakistan's arrival in India for the World T20? 

Threats from ATFI, threats from Shiv Sena, threats of protests outside the stadium, threats of digging up the pitches in Dharmashala and Kolkata, statements from ministers in Dharamshala stating they won't provide security, threats of hand grenades...

Despite all these threats, the authorities worked round the clock to ensure Pakistan make it for the global event.

On the face of such threats, all Afridi is doing is sending across a message that majority of the Indian public adores them and adores them more than their own Pakistani public. What is so wrong with that?

Why is it so offending?

It is a message to those making threats to back off.

It is a call out for support from the Indian public who is being swayed away by extremists.

And what is wrong about the statement? Ask the players, or just be around them in Kolkata to witness the love they are receiving.

The hotel staff, hotel guests, bus drivers, waiters, shop keepers, general public, everyone around them are all Indians and they are treating the Pakistan team players like heroes. 

So seriously, calm down, chill out, and stop making a mockery of a diplomatic statement given by Pakistan's captain in the wake of significant threats to the team.

And if you think about it with a cool head, you will realize that Afridi was just doing simple maths!

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