Sunday, April 17, 2016

Inzamam Ul Haq & the PCB - Some Historical Perspective

2006: Inzamam takes team off the field at the Oval and ends up forfieting the test. Then PCB Chairman, Shaharyar Khan resigns citing failure to control drama at Oval.
2007: Pakistan exit embarassingly from World Cup. Inzamam resigns from captaincy and retires from ODI cricket.
2007: PCB, as always, sets up an investigation into the WC disaster and a committees report squarely lays all blame on Inzamam Ul Haq. Report calls him a dictator and admonishes his tableeghi influence on the team. PCB pushes Inzamam into test retirement also.
2013: Shaharyar Khan's book Cricket Cauldron includes details on the Oval fiasco and Inzamam. Shaharyar Khan criticizes Inzamams influence and also mentions how he kept many deserving batsmen out of the team.
2014: Shaharyar Khan becomes the first elected Chairman of the PCB.
2015: after Pakistan's loss in World Cup quarterfinal, coach Waqar Younis submits a report to PCB. Out of his many recommendations, one is to appoint Inzamam as a chief selector. Report is ignored by PCB and Shaharyar Khan.
2016: Pakistan have another disastrous campaign. This time the World T20. Coach Waqar Younis submits another report mentioning the same recommendations as in 2015 and also complaining that the PCB did not listen to his suggestions in the past.
2016: a day after the report is leaked to the media, Shaharyar Khan asks Waqar Younis to resign. Waqar submits his resignation.
2016: a week after Waqars resignation, Shaharyar Khan decides to implement one of Waqars recommendations. He meets with Inzamam and offers him the post of chief selector. Inzamam in return asks for full control of selection committee, the authority to appoint the members of the selection committee, and no influence from board members on selection matters. Shaharyar Khan agrees to all terms.
Interestingly the same sort of terms that resulted in a PCB report and a Shaharyar Khan book that labelled Inzamam a dictator and blamed him and his influence on the team as the reason for Pakistan crickets downfall.
The amazing and mysterious ways the PCB functions.

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  1. Unknown said...

    Inzamam is a great cricketer and I hope he will do a better job with the selection. Hoping for the end of parchi-ism in Pakistan cricket. Inzamam cannot be influenced. I hope good new talent will come out. Want to checkout these online cricket games?

  2. Anonymous said...

    Inzamam ul Haq is a good man but Pakistan Cricket board is such a mixture of players, corporate people, political influence, every captain seem to have some diffeences with PCB except Misbah who is extra cool man. check Cricblaze website where we have written a detailed analysis of who will be next coach of Pakistan

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