Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mark Wood to Miss Most of the Season

Despite hopes that bowler Mark Wood would return to his previous form following ankle surgery last November, the 26 year old is reported to now miss out on the greater part of this season following yet more surgery. 

Back in the summer of 2015, although the injury was known, it didn’t appear to be in a state that warranted an operation. Wood himself even commented on the fact that, while the heavy impact of the sport didn’t help the issue, no fast bowler was ever playing at 100 percent and that medication had been helping. Unfortunately though, by the time November began, it was evident that the repetitive injury was becoming too big a problem to ignore, and that a specialist was needed to determine what was going on. 

Although a blow for the England team, surgery and rehabilitation seemed the best way to ensure that Wood would return ready for next season, however that hasn’t been the case. Even though he initially responded well to treatment after the surgery, pain soon returned and created all sorts of pre-season problems, which in turn led to Wood visiting another specialist, this time in the Netherlands. Upon his arrival it soon became clear that a second procedure was needed to remove a piece of floating bone that was irritating the joint. 

The unexpected news has not only set the player back further, but has also called into question the treatment he initially received. While it was understood at the time that two operations one after the other wouldn’t be possible, the prolonged gap between the two has resulted in even more time out of playing, a factor that heavily impacts on both Wood’s morale and the team’s.

 With so much uncertain, especially that of his expected recovery period which hasn’t been revealed by the club, news is affecting all the tips currently circulating big name bookmakers. Betway’sodds are constantly getting updated as to how England will fare in the Sri Lanka Tour, starting May, and also whether Wood will be able to return in time for the beginning of the Pakistan Tour in July. The England team have been on good form lately, even despite the continued loss of Mark Wood, so it may be possible that the club will succeed perfectly fine without him. Nonetheless, with the bowler eager to get back to playing, the back-to-bowling regimes he must endure prior to his return to competitive matches can’t come soon enough.

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