Thursday, February 8, 2018

Kohli's Remarkable 100

Watching Virat Kohli bat yesterday was a delight like never before.

He has scored so many hundreds in such short time that it almost feels like an every day occurrence. No doubt each of his century is a spectacle but yesterday's innings was in my view one of his best, if not THE best.

He was out there for 49 of the 50 overs, he faced more than half of those, and he remained unbeaten.

But that is not what made it such a delight to watch. Why I found this innings to be magnificent was the fact that Kohli scored only 60 runs in boundaries, meaning that 100 of his runs were scored by running between the wickets.

Yet he had a strike rate in excess of 100.

I have never seen a batsman as consistent as Kohli. His fitness, his timing, his running between the wickets, the way he paces his innings, and his ability to hit big - it is all top class.

Soon after his innings ended, I was amazed that he had made 100 runs in singles and doubles. I felt that it was quite a rare achievement and didn't think it happened many times in ODIs, if at all.

So this morning I tried to find out which other batsmen had achieved the feat of scoring 100 runs in an ODI by running between the wickets.

Turns out, it has happened only 4 times before, and Kohli's was the 5th such instance. Only 5 times in 3,971 ODIs!

Quite remarkable.

With every innings he inches closer to Sachin's record of hundreds in ODIs and overall. With every innings he shows why he is the best in the world.

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