Wednesday, September 5, 2018

Cricket betting tips and predictions

We’re now past a time where you could only bet on football and horse racing, leaving far more options for ways to get involved in sports betting. One of the UK’s most popular sports is cricket but even the immense following from sports fans isn’t enough to prompt as much exposure in terms of bets you can place surrounding it.

Bookmakers are always pushing to provide the most cutting-edge markets as well as hoping to cover all possible sports that might interest the many punters they cater for. Cricket is up there with all other primary sports so the availability to bet on it is starting to be just as prominent. The issue then is working out where to bet on it, how to bet on it, and which markets are worth considering.

Key betting markets for cricket include:

Match Winner - As with most sports you’ll consider betting on, the basic match result option is likely to feature early on, if not at the very top of the page. This is the same with cricket, where all major and minor events will be given odds for either side to win or before you get to any of the more advanced bookmaker markets.

Other Result-Based Options - There’s more than one way of placing money on the match result in cricket, with other forms being a double chance option, which is often referred to as Two Chances To Win. You’ll also find handicap markets that indicate the winning margin. While this might not be the go-to way of predicting the result, it improves the price and they frequently feature in TeamFA’s cricket previews.

Player Markets - Building your own special cricket betting tips gives you the chance to add in any outcome and a lot of punters will consider including player markets. This is similar to in football betting where you might add in a player to score first or at any time, but with cricket, it surfaces on the most runs and individual accolades of a specific batsman or bowler.

Special Markets - After rooting through the variety of Match Specials, like the First Wicket Method, a favoured player to score a century or bookmaker price boosts, you might be tempted to bet on a selection with combined markets. These come in many forms and were made popular through SkyBet’s RequestABet feature, but there’s a lot of variations and plenty of ways to capitalise. You’ll receive a better price based on how many selections are included and what markets these selections are, so it’s possible to make a strong one if you do your research.

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