Sunday, March 31, 2019

Settling the Case of Imam Ul Haq and Usman Khan Shinwari

Imam Ul Haq has faced it since the day he made his debut for Pakistan, while Usman Khan Shinwari has lately got some stick as well.

It is not only the largely emotional fans but even well read ones and experts who have questioned the inclusion of Usman Khan in Pakistan's ODI team with comments like "he has off days when he is slaughtered by the batsmen".

Well I don't remember any such day in Usman's short ODI career.

In 14 ODIs, he has picked up 24 wickets at a remarkable average of 20.5, a strike rate of 25.0, and an economy rate of 4.9!

Such a record does not show any off days to me.

In fact, out of the 14 ODIs that has has played, he has gone for over 6 an over only thrice - vs India in Dubai (6.75), vs South Africa in Port Elizabeth (6.12) and vs South Africa in Cape Town (6.14).

Besides these 3 matches, his economy has been well below 6, and in most cases below 5!

The problem the general public has is with the way he gets hit around in T20 cricket. Well who doesn't get hit around in T20s?

Usman Khan in ODIs has been nothing short of spectacular!

In the period starting from the time he made his debut for Pakistan in October 2017, he has been one of Pakistan's best ODI bowlers.

Usman is Pakistan's 3rd highest wicket taker during this period, with an average and strike rate that is behind only Shaheen Afridi's !

Off days you tell me? None whatsoever!

In fact, his ODI average is among the best in the world in all matches played since he began his ODI career.

Now that this is settled, let us take a look at Imam Ul Haq's career.

For starters, for someone who made an ODI century on debut to still be called a 'parchi' is just criminal. Imam is Pakistan's most consistent and most reliable batsman after Babar Azam.

In 24 ODIs, Imam averages 55! He has hit 5 centuries and 5 fifties. Moreover, 4 of his ODI centuries and 4 of his ODI fifties have come in wins. He averages a phenomenal 84.5 in ODIs that Pakistan has won while he has been in the side.

In fact, in the period starting from when he made his ODI debut in October 2017, Imam is Pakistan's leading ODI run scorer.

In this period, he has scored more runs than Fakhar Zaman and Babar Azam, and that too at a better average!

He has the most ODI centuries for Pakistan during this period as well.

And yet he is labelled a 'parchi'? WHAT A JOKE!

Even when compared with the best batsmen in ODIs over this period since October 2017, Imam is right up there among the best in the business!

I hope this settles the debate once and for all!

Imam Ul Haq is not a parchi and Usman Khan does not have off days in ODIs.

Both are the best that Pakistan have in their respective trades.

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