Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Open Letter to Lalit Modi

Dear Mr. Modi,

I hope you are well and enjoying the success of your creation, the Indian Premier League. I am writing to you in reference to the league and a recommendation made by a senior member of the world of media.

I am sure you have heard of Mr. Prem Panicker. Mr. Prem Panicker is the founder and editor of Rediff. He is also a former editor of India Abroad, the largest Indian American News Paper.

You probably knew this, but you may not know that Mr. Panicker runs a blog called "Smoke Signals" and does regular posts about cricket, bollywood, and US politics, among other things.

About a week back, Mr. Panicker recommended all of us faculty members of the "Allen Stanford University for Cricket Bloggers" to potential recruiters of online blogging talent. In fact he has suggested that the IPL put together a franchise of bloggers and recruit us for it.

I would like to openly thank Mr. Panicker for his kind reference and at the same time let you know sir that Uncle J, Ottayan, Soulberry, David Barry, Arjwiz, Ayalac, Nestaquin, Suave, King Cricket, Straight Point, Ashrey, Naked Cricket, Sfx, Golandaaz, Cricket Guru, Moses, Miss Field, Martyd, Sportsfreak, Homer, Tim, John, Obaid, and Nazhar along with yours truly are ready to make their millions.

Please note that since the launch of the Allen Stanford University for Cricket Bloggers, we have recruited D.S. Henry, Scorpicity, and Trideep into our faculty. They too are ready for their IPL millions sir.

You may recruit us directly by contacting us through the links provided on the faculty member page of the university. Or you could reply to this post with the date, time, and location for an auction for the faculty members and let the market forces decide how many millions we are worth.

We are eagerly waiting for your response.

Thank you and best regards,

Yours sincerely,


Founder, Allen Stanford University for Cricket Bloggers
Editor, Well Pitched

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22 Pitched:

  1. straight point said...

    Q, brilliant maan!!

    and let me rush i have to open swiss bank a/c ;-))

  2. Viswanathan said...

    I have already opened an account.

  3. Anonymous said...

    Nice I hope you get your $mills and (not heather mills). btw I wanted to bring to the faculty’s attention what your reactor is doing (Mr. Stanford) He is willing to investment millions in EPL in return for there help in Development of West Indian cricket. Doesn’t anyone other than me find this ironic, the English of all the ppl helping the WI? Since I am a lowly student at most, could one of the academic faculty answer this and make sense of this predicament.

  4. Trideep said...

    Hey Q, Thanks for including me too in the faculty..

    Amazing post...!

  5. Anonymous said...

    What a stroke of genius, Q!

  6. Obaid said...

    Heh, great post Q. I just hope that Stanford University or Mr Stanford dont sue us :) But I guess if we make our millions first we can hire a good law firm

  7. Anonymous said...

    Here is an open letter to Mr Q (Hope you are not Mr Quatrrocchi, actually talks about swiss bank accounts made me feel so).

    Well guys, at the outset, I want to make it clear that I have been left with no other choice but to go 'rebel', seeing my name missing from that glorious conglomeration..well I meant the cartel.

    So while you guys make a beeline for Mr Modi, I guess, as your poor cousin, yours truly has no other option but to fall back on good, old Subhas Chandra. Here again you people have drawn the line of demarcation and forced me turn rebel.

    So while you people enjoy the "official" tag, mine reads "rebel". Yours is swiss bank, mine is piggybank. Accepting the faculty is a difficulty proposition for me. So this note of dissent.

  8. obaid said...

    Whoa, we have a rebel blogger university already. That didnt take long :)

    Som whats your blog address?

  9. Q said...

    SP and Ott - I have opened mine too :-)

    Trideep and VM - Thanks. VM, I just visited your blog, I believe this is your first comment here. Welcome to Well Pitched. Shall link u shortly.

  10. Q said...

    AMK, Im not too sure whats cooking behind the scenes with ECB and WICB but its obviously for something to do with the IPL. Both ECB and WICB have openly stated their concerns with the IPL. ECB has even said that their contracted players will not play in the IPL and WICB have said that they are not happy with their players having to choose between country and league later on when Australia visits.

    So I guess to fight this they are putting together their own league.

    As for England helping WI - I dont know. Maybe one of the fellow English bloggers can answer this.

  11. Q said...

    Som - Welcome to Well Pitched. I haven't seen you here before and thus do not know which blog u run. Had I known I would have surely added u on to the faculty.

    But with all the bloggers jumping on to the IPL bandwagon I think u may be better off with Subhash Chandra who would be able to dish out lots of dollars for a blogger ditching the IPL for the ICL.

    Either way, our doors are always open for new talent. Pls share your blog address.

  12. Anonymous said...

    I don't want the millions just want to be in the faculty.


  13. Anonymous said...

    Well, guys, thanks for the invitation to be in the 'Official" fold. Hope I don't become Mohd Yousuf's blogging cousin, caught between two worlds, neither here nor there. Much better would be the Shishir Hattangadi model (remember he quit ICL and joined Deccan Chargers, something perceived impossible till the other day?).

    My blog is And if you visit, do read


  14. Q said...

    Welcome on board Som. I guess u can help out SP with lecturing on Reporting on Indian Cricket. After all, u guys have to manage a class of 12 million ;-)

    Nice blog. It shares the same name as Dileep Premachandran's blog on the Times btw.

  15. Q said...

    Who i Shishir Hattangadi ??

  16. Q said...

    Welcome on board Wasim. Good to see another fellow Pakistani blogger.

  17. Anonymous said...

    Q... Shishir Hattangadi is the former Mumbai Ranji opener who has done the seemingly impossible job of first aligning with the ICL before eventually joining IPL as manager of the Deccan Charger squad. My journalist friends in Mumbai say he has BCCI CAO Ratnakar Shetty's blessings. Well, that sums up history..I mean his story...

  18. Anonymous said...

    What!! Hasn't Alan's (were on a first name basis now) personal assistant contacted you guys yet?

    When I see him at lunch next Tuesday I'll remind him to get those contracts out pronto!!

  19. Q said...

    Thats interesting Som. I read an article in the morning that mentioned that about 20-25 technicians, drectors, cheerleaders etc being used by the IPL were from the ICL. No one has objected to that.

  20. Q said...

    Nesta, u sure Alan's PA has the correct contact details?

  21. Anonymous said...

    Well done Q; we in NZ need all the cricketing hand-outs we can get.

    In the meantime, I'm working on my best pompous accent to take over from Malcolm Speed.

    (What is it with Aussie politicians call Malcolm and pompous voices??)

  22. Q said...

    Pleasure Sportsfreak. Will wait to applaud after your take-over speech :-)

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