Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wearer of the Orange Cap

Last week I mentioned that one of the reasons to follow the 1st test between England and New Zealand was the tipping competition for bloggers that was being run by Sportsfreak, the New Zealand based Sports website.

Sportsfreak asked us 10 questions regarding the Lord's test on things like the result, who would win the toss, the highest run scorers, the man of the match, and so on.

The test ended in a rain hit draw, but Sportsfreak's tipping competiton didn't.

After Round 1, Well Pitched is proud to be on top of the Leader Board and the wearer of the Orange Cap.

We managed to predict correctly the first 2 questions - the result of the match and the session in which the match will end. And we also got a point for predicting McCullum's strike rate within 10 runs.

On top Sportsfreak was kind enough to give us a bonus point for active participation on his forum, which allowed Well Pitched to lead Silly Point and King Cricket by a single point.

Thank you Sportsfreak.

Thank you Bloggers.

Thank you New Zealand and England.

Thank you Rain Gods.

Thank you McCullum.

There wasn't much happening in the test apart from McCullum's run a ball 97 in the 1st innings and Oram's 101 in the 2nd.

Vaughan got a century too but he was very scratchy just like the rest of the English.

I was disappointed that Tim Southee didn't get any wickets, but hopefully that will change in the next few tests.

Till then, I shall proudly wear my Orange Cap.

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9 Pitched:

  1. straight point said...

    congrats Q, your title inspired me to write on another orange cap holder GG...

  2. Q said...

    Thanks SP! GG is the original wearer of the Cap :-)

  3. Homer said...

    Way to go Q!!!

  4. Anonymous said...

    Excuse my kiwi ignorance..

    But what / who is GG ?

  5. Q said...

    GG = Gautam Gambhir.

    He's the leading run scorer in the IPL and thus wearer of the Orange Cap.

  6. Anonymous said...


    So it's not still Prince Brendan then? :)

  7. Q said...

    Had he stayed on he might have been LB :-)

  8. obaid said...

    nice going Q! Now that you are the openly proud wearer of the orange cap, beware of bookies trying to recruit you!

  9. Q said...

    Obaid, its the bookies that helped me to the Orange Cap ;-)

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