Monday, February 2, 2009

The Dream Continues...

Afghanistan's that is.

They just won the World Cricket League Division 3, which takes them along with the runners up, Uganda, to the World Cup Qualifiers later this year in South Africa.

This gives Afghanistan a chance to qualify for the World Cup in 2011.

Its quite a story for a team that did not even exist a couple of years ago.

Stuff that movies are made of.

Stuff that dreams are made of.

They are quite an exciting team. They played a few domestic teams in Pakistan before this tournament, and they surprised quite a few players there with their abilities.

They have a realistic chance.

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  1. Anonymous said...

    The Afghanistan cricket story is amazing - it would be great to have it covered on Well Pitched.

  2. Q said...

    Its covered quite a bit Miriam - read here about their progression to division 3:

  3. Abdul said...

    The link above provides reliable evidence that the ICL players have been groomed and permitted to represent their domestic teams in the climax stages of Pakistan's premier domestic competition. Although the ICC still haven’t changed their stance on the inaugural league I am convinced that if they perform in domestic matches the pressure will be on the PCB and the players will be able to have a safe return to international cricket.

    Meanwhile we have an exciting summer of cricket on our hands with IPL/T20 world cup and the ultimate test series of the Ashes to look forward to. I find it ridiculous about the actual length and duration of the IPL and even more so the fact that the T20 drama immediately follows straight after in England. All I can say is brainless planning which will make cricket less intriguing and worthwhile from a player’s and fans perspective. One can also question if player burnouts will come into play ?

    Pakistan has also wiped out the participation of their players in the IPL due to the current falter in the relation with neighbours India. On the one hand this is a missed golden opportunity for the Pakistani cricketers on which I’m sure they’ll express disappointment. But on the other hand this time could be spent wisely on preparing and setting up various camps in preparation for international drama in June. Or perhaps they could adapt to the different conditions and apply themselves in the county set up and put their names forward for selection. In my opinion this T20 world cup will be the most important event in this eventful international calendar.

    So summing up. Hats off to the Sind high court for grooving back the ICL kilari in the domestic scene. Also plenty of excitement to look forward to in the cricketing world. Let the drama commence.............

  4. Abdul said...

    I will be adding "well pitched" on blogroll on my site. I hope u do the same.

    Kind reagrds

  5. Anonymous said...

    Thanks Q; I haven't been able to keep up with the blogs much lately but will check out your previous posts on the subject.

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