Thursday, May 7, 2009

The Fake IPL Player Has Been Revealed!

The Fake IPL Player's previous two posts have come in quick succession.

He hasn't been as regular as before, especially since he came under the eyes of the Kolkata Knight Riders officials, so I was a bit surprised to see 2 quick posts.

But his posts are no longer as funny or as revealing as they used to be. He has stopped writing about the nocturnal activities of the cricketers and even says why in his latest post.

He explains the lack of gossip by mentioning that other teams and commentators are more wary of where they go now so that they are not pried on by the Fake IPL Player.

I don't believe that.

I think that everyone who is a part of the IPL - the teams, the players, the coaches, the officials, the commentators - everyone now knows who the Fake IPL Player is.

Remember when KKR announced a witch hunt on their squad members? When everyone's laptops and mobile phones were confiscated?

The KKR camp was serious about finding out who Fake was. They even claimed that they would reveal who Fake is within 24 hours and send him packing to India.

But then, we stopped hearing about the Fake IPL Player from the KKR contingent.

No one mentioned why he wasn't caught.

No one mentioned what happened to the 24 hour deadline to catch him.

No one mentioned what was found on the laptops and mobile phones.

Everyone just stayed mum.

I believe that during that witch hunt, the Fake IPL Player's identity was revealed.

Remember the 2-3 day gap between the posts when the witch hunt was going on? When Fake claimed that laptops were taken away and he was posting visa sms through his brother?

I believe that was the period when the authorities were negotiating with the Fake IPL Player.

I think the KKR lot, other officials, and above all Lalit Modi were all involved in those discussions with Fake, which ended in the conclusion that in the best interest of everybody it made sense to let the blog continue and let the Fake IPL Player's identity remain a secret.

Provided ofcourse that he tone down what he writes.

Hence, no talk of which commentator is winning the Sandy Baddy Babe bet, no talk of how many women Warne is taking to his room, no talk of what Yuvraj Singh's score is, no mention of Ravi Shastri's extra curricular activities.

It makes sense to me, and it sure as hell makes commercial sense to Lalit Modi.

Think about it - Lalit Modi cutting a deal with the Fake IPL Player.

Once his blog is compiled as a book, imagine the amount of money Fake will make.

I'm quite sure Lalit Modi has his share of the pie decided on already!

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  1. GoodCricketWicket said...

    The problem is that Fake's whole popularity lies in the fact that he is letting the IPL's dirty secrets out of the bag.

    Once he becomes just another part of Lalit's business plan, he loses his appeal - he is just another corporate marketing exercise.

    Which means that the IPL/KKR/Fake himself will have to keep the identity secret. As soon as it becomes public, the concept dies.

  2. achettup said...

    I'm just wondering Q, apart from the FIP himself (or herself) who else has said laptops were banned and that there was a witch hunt to find the guy? There have been so many inaccuracies in his posts, and the convenient excuses about suddenly not getting into the meetings or the like to cover up for them, that I honestly have a hard time believing anything coming out from there. It used to be a fun blog, but as you mention whoever it is thats writing is having a hard time living up to the hype. I'll tell you what, someone getting as many hits as he does has no real need to tie up with Modi or anyone in the IPL!

  3. Rayden said...

    Ok so who is the Fake IPL Player? I like his latest post where he talks about Brendon Mcullum telling Buchanan atleast he is not the coach of the waterpolo match or something like that. I hope that is actually true.

  4. Q said...

    GoodCricketWicket: my point exactly.. and Lalit Modi knows that. the thing is that if the officials wanted to find out who it was, I highly doubt they would have trouble in doing so.. with the kind of security and IT tracking there is these days, no one can stay anonymous on the net.. which is why i believe that the IPL people know who it is.. they realise its value and have smartly not disclosed who it is, despite saying that they will.

  5. Q said...

    Achettup: No one else talked about the laptops being confiscated but the news about the witch hunt and the claim that FIP will be disclosed within 24 hours was made public through Joy Bhattacharya and a number of other Indian journalists in South Africa: Cricinfo, Times of India, hindustan times, Rediff all claimed that everyone was out to find out who it was. This happened during the 2-3 days that FIP did not post.

    This news was flashing across various mediums, and then after 3 days FIP re-emerged with the post saying that he had to lie low cos everyone was looking for him.

    So before FIP talked abt the witch hunt.. everyone else did, starting with the KKR CEO - Joy Bhattacharya.

    It was the KKR camp that announced that FIP wud be sent back to India, not FIP himself.

    I agree with you that FIP has not been able to keep the hype up, but I really think its cos of a reason - a deal has been brokered.

  6. Q said...

    Rayden: i have no idea who he/she/it is.. but I agree.. that whole thing abt McCullum and Buchanan was funny. I too hope it happened. Plus he also says that ricky ponting (sticky something) is being looked at as captain for next year - interesting.

  7. Rayden said...

    Ah so sticky something meant Ricky Ponting. Lol, i was trying to figure out who that was.

    Honestly I really hope its not Ponting who captains KKR next year. I think Buchannan wants him because he has good relations with Ponting.

    I wouldn't mind giving Brendon Mcullum another chance as long as Buchanan is gone. Or else best thing - get back our dada as the captain :-)

  8. Q said...

    Rayden: what i dont understand is that with 2 int'l captains in the line up (Gayle, Ganguly), why McCullum was asked to captain. I dont think he had any prior captaincy experience. Even Hodge, who has a lot of 20-20 experience was a better choice IMO.

  9. Rayden said...

    I agree with you Q. I think the reason they gave was Mcullum was available for the full tournament and Gayle would leave after a few matches. Of course Ganguly was out of question because Buchanan wanted to control the team and with Ganguly as captain, Buchanan would have less powers in his hand.

    Unfortunately for KKR, Ganguly is much better in motivating a young side and his tactical skills are really good. Just that the same old power struggle led to Ganguly being thrown out as captain.

    In fact i feel Buchanan announced his multiple captaincy theory just to ease the blow when Ganguly was dropped as captain. Where are the multiple captains now??

  10. Q said...

    Rayden: I agree, McCullum was chosen over Gayle cos he was available for the full tournament.. but for me I saw no reason why Ganguly had to be replaced.. there was no need.. KKR were the best out of bottom 4 teams last IPL.. either way I hope they learn from their mistakes this year..

  11. mahatru goyal said...

    I wish SRK stops poking his nose in cricket coz cricket is not his far as FIP is concerned let it be a secret till IPL ends. all the FIP posts are really interesting n i love reading them.

  12. Q said...

    Mahatru: Don't worry, I'm not revealing who the FIP is for I have no idea who it is :-) ..

    I doubt he would come into the open even after the IPL ends, but lets c.

  13. Anonymous said...

    wow very bollywood filmi type

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