Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Twenty20 Cricket is like WWF

A couple of days after saying that he "doesn't take 20-20 seriously" and that "it is all for fun", Younis Khan has come out with yet another absurd statement.

"Twenty20 cricket is entertainment, in this form it is better to take it easy and have fun. It is like WWF".


You got to be kidding me!

What sort of 20-20 cricket have I been watching that I've missed all the tombstones, stonecold stunners, and sweet chin music?

It might have made sense that Younis made the earlier statement due to the heavy loss Pakistan faced against England, but now I am just bemused that he's singing the same tune even after a victory.

But WWF!?

That is just hilarious in a very unfunny way if you know what I mean.

Does Younis know that all the matches in the WWF/WWE are scripted and fixed?

I hope that this is Younis Khan's weird sense of humour that is being misinterpreted by one and all, including me.

Because he does at times give naturally funny remarks, such as the one he gave when he was asked, "if he misses Shoaib Akhtar and Mohammad Asif".

To that Younis replied, "Why are you asking me that? I miss many things. I miss my family. I miss my home. What is the point?"

Great answer that, but WWF!?

I hope he's training his team for the right sport!

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23 Pitched:

  1. Omar said...

    WWF, hilarious don't take him too seriously my friend,I think he just rambles on sometimes.

  2. Vedder said...

    Come on people..give YK a break.

    T20 is like the WWF.

    Just ask Harbajhan and Sreesanth!

  3. Unknown said...

    Guys.. Younus is known for his funny comments... nobody should try to interpret them coz ur just gona make something out of it that he didnt mean.

    He's never very serious wen he talks to the media and i think every1 should just lighten up on him.

    He hardly ever means wat we think he means. He just says watever comes to mind and thats all we should interpret it as instead of creating scandals around his comments.

  4. raj said...

    Maybe, Q, he is giving us a clue there? Maybe it is really fixed? :-)
    Thats the conspiracy theorist in me smelling a kill :-)

  5. 12th Man said...

    Ha ha, this is the first time i hear someone compare cricket with WWF.

    You must congratulate him for coming up with this.

  6. karachikhatmal said...



    the rothschild foundation for freemasons

  7. straight point said...

    till he turns up playing seriously i don't mind what he calls T20...

  8. Rayden said...

    I think he wanted to say WWE - Its been almost 15 years guys since the name change. The owner of WWE gave up the name WWF because it was clashing with the world wildlife fund/federation.

    Now I want to know if Younis was comparing T20 to WWE or actually the real WWF - with animals.

  9. Wasim said...

    Good News.

    PCB has applied to ICC for replacing Yasir Arafat with Abdul Razzak.If approved Razzak will be sent to England ASAP.

  10. Q said...


    He does ramble on but sometimes he just doesn't make any sense :-)

  11. Q said...


    Haha.. so u mean the IPL, not cricket?

  12. Q said...


    Welcome to Well Pitched.

    I agree with what you are saying, I know YK is very much like that, which is why I mentioned that I hope this is his weird sense of humour that is being misinterpreted..

    Not creating any scandal :-)

  13. Q said...


    Those were my first thoughts a well!

  14. Q said...

    12th Man,

    Same here. Hilarious!

  15. Q said...

    This is what Osman Samiuddin had to say:

    "Exactly like WWE, in fact, what with the steroids, the pumped-up bodies, the crazy soap-opera storylines, the fixed matches, crazy chairmen with no qualms about nepotism."


  16. Q said...



  17. Q said...


    I hope he wasn't referring to the animals and that he hasn't watched wrestling since it became WWE!

  18. Q said...


    That is awesome news!! I hope he comes soon.

  19. Q said...


    U think he wasn't serious against Holland?

  20. achettup said...

    To that Younis replied, "Why are you asking me that? I miss many things. I miss my family. I miss my home. What is the point?"

    Thanks a lot Q, I just spilt coffee all over my desk. Seriously that is so awesomely hilarious, what was he thinking!

  21. Q said...


    Sorry abt the coffee man!

    I actually have the sound clipping of that press conference.. where he said T20 was all for fun and that he missed his home and family and stuff.. sounds even funnier when u listen to it..

    I'll see if I can put that here or mail it across..

    U can spill more coffee then :-)

  22. Unknown said...

    Hi Q. Thanx for the welcome. Great blog by the way.

    Im glad u agree wid me. And i know u werent tryin to stir up a scandal... im just very sensitive wen it comes to the Pakistan team :)

  23. Q said...


    Glad to know u like the blog.

    And we all are sensitive when it comes to Pakistan cricket :-)

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