Friday, June 5, 2009

What they said about Andrew Symonds

Everyone's been speaking about Roy, except the man himself.

Take a read at what everyone's been saying and thinking, and then I'll tell you what I think Andrew Symonds is going to say once he sets foot on Australian soil.

The Suave One: This has got to be the last time he ever gets to pull on an Aussie jersey, hasn’t it? This must be number 6002 in his sozzled history, and surely that’s enough for any one predator.

Amy S: Ah, and now he might just lose his central contract. Well done, Roy. It was all worth it for that one drink, wasn't it?

She also has a sound clip of James Sutherland at the press conference - worth a listen.

Achettup: Anyway, his absence makes the T20 side significantly weaker. Johnson might make the top six after all!

And then he gets into his element and talks about Bangladesh offering Symonds a contract! Entertaining read.

AP Webster: Apparently he broke team rules relating to alcohol and other issues, which sadly doesn’t come as much of a surprise.

Jrod: When you sit down in the Drunkard’s Valhalla, you can do it proudly, as you pissed away your career with stunning masculinity and brutish charm. Cheers to Roy.

This above from Jrod is the conclusion of one of the best Symond posts that I've read. Once your done reading that, go over and read Jrod describing Roy as the Daniel Johnston of cricket. Beautiful!

Will Luke: It’s all rather sad now. Hugely gifted player and his career’s come to a drunken full stop.

Megha: It is a pity that he refuses to learn from his mistakes. Although, in all honesty, it is difficult for me to feel sad for him!

BK for BCC!: In an unexpected twist , it has been announced that Symonds will now stay on in England to perform during the Opening Ceremony.

Worth a read in full!

Patrick Kidd: Would Symonds really let his team-mates down on the field? It is a moot point but one thing is certain: with him now gone and probably retired, there is a vacancy for a team pillock.

Fake IPL Player: Most people in the team believe that TMK is going back partly because of himself, but mostly because of the No. 4 slot.

Leela: That is how it is with Symonds for me. I like Roy. What a great potential. What a star... Is it the beginning of the end? Sure looks like it. And that is just a lump of sh*t situation.

NightWatchGirl: Oh dear. NWG has been struggling to write this post as her heart has been bleeding non-stop (turns out plasters aren't really suitable for serious blood loss).

Sam: What a waste. What a sheer waste. 3 instances didnt make Roy realise that one more alcohol stint would end his career. And there it is. The END. The dead end. Roy's career ends right here. i dont feel sorry for him. I feel disgusted. I feel he deserved this.

Megha in her debut for BCC!: She talks of Andrew and Shoaib and asks, "Who will be the first one to retire?"

And the most intriguing of the lot:

Cricket-Blog: I'm having a deja vu moment to the last time Australia toured England in 2005, beginning with Roy getting himself booted off the squad for drinking followed by an upset defeat at the hands of Bangladesh and then losing the Ashes.

Apologies if I missed something you said about Roy, but these were all the ones that appeared on my reader and seemed interesting enough to replay for you all, since I didn't have much to say on the topic.

All that I do have to say though is that I'm looking forward to Andrew Symonds' statement regarding the whole deal.

I don't think it is going to be one of those "I'm sorry, I made a mistake" speeches.

Beware CA.

Make your pitch on this post...

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13 Pitched:

  1. Wasim said...

    Now he can drink for eleven months and play in IPL for one month and make 1.7 mil. I think he did his math.

  2. rusty said...

    problem with the intoxicating reality created by your fav bloggers - roy wasn't drunk.

    That's right, he wasn't drunk. He drank in a public place. that's it. With other players, who also weren't drunk. but they weren't on the same type of contract as roy.

    he was sent home because he drank in a public place. it was the restrictions, not the drink, that he couldn't handle

    GOT IT?

  3. Q said...

    Wasim: Deccan has come out in support for Roy and we surely haven't seen the end of him. That's good for cricket as far as I am concerned.

  4. Q said...

    Rusty: Why the anger mate?

    To be fair, the news about his different contract came in after all these bloggers had posted their thoughts and opinions. And the news coming out before the contract news broke was suggesting that he got drunk.

    Either way, I'm sure everyone now understand wat the problem was, and everyone will change or stick to their opinions as they feel like it.

    Irrespective of that.. all I said was that im waiting to hear from Roy.

    Cheers, and welcome to Well Pitched :-)

  5. Leela said...

    Thanks for the link Q.

  6. 12th Man said...

    Thankfully you didn't reproduce what I had to say on this. An attempted joke at Symonds made by me non-chalantly left me embarassed. I dont believe in racism, but somehow my comment was indicative of that. I had to seek clemency to redeem myself.

  7. 12th Man said...

    I must in a way thank you for supporting me on Ducking Beamers blog.

  8. Q said...

    12th Man: I know what that comment led to and I guess uve seen it on Ducking Beamers.. no worries man.. I wouldn't have reproduced it here at all.. not without understanding what or why u were saying :-) ..

    Benefit of the doubt sir was yours.

    Glad u did the right thing by asking to take it off.

  9. 12th Man said...

    I am still wondering why somebody would reproduce a non-chalant remark and make a mountain out of a molehill.

    I was equally surprised by one of the commenters there who drew my whole character sketch based on that single comment. I don't like being stereotyped and if that one comment would stereotype me with some 'racists' living in India, seeking pardon was the only solution to disprove it.

    I don't like the attitude of some Indians trying to act too smart and educated by portraying their fellow citizens as someone low on common sense and emotional quotient.

  10. Q said...

    I understand what ur saying 12th Man :-) ..

    Nothing to worry abt though.. alls good now and no one thinks ur a racist.

  11. Q said...

    Cheers Leela - I just noticed your comment :-)

  12. Megha said...


    Just noticed the links to my posts...thanks a lot :)

  13. Q said...

    Cheers Megha :-)

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