Friday, June 5, 2009

The Complete Preview Package of the ICC World Twenty20

The day is here when the Twenty20 World Cup kicks off.

Those of you who have been following Well Pitched over the last week must have seen my previews of each of the 12 teams taking part in the competition.

Those who missed it, here's a recap. With a couple of more thoughts.

Why Pakistan are the Favorites

I'm still sticking to that. Its quite an easy route to the semi finals for them, and they played against the best in the warm-ups whom they won't meet again till the final four stage. Plus, they are known to be slow starters.

Why Australia Will Not Win

With Roy gone, they definitely won't.

Why India May Win

I say "may" because it is still a probability. What are the odds that they will repeat 2007? Law of averages anyone? They sure look strong though. Very strong!

Why South Africa Can't Win

Thats exactly what it is. They just can't do it. They have the ability to, the manpower to, the skill to, the everything-you-need-in-a-cricket-team to, but they just can't.

Why New Zealand Have a Chance and England Don't

The Kiwis always have a chance. England, however, despite that this is the first time they have the same captain for two consecutive world cup tournaments, have it very tough. India, South Africa, Australia in the Super 8s - the English will be having nightmares.

Why West Indies and Sri Lanka are the Dark Horses

Cos they are. I sense surprises for the Aussies.

Why the Minnows May Surprise a Few

They have it in them to do so. Bangladesh particularly. Beware India. Plus, with Nannes around, Pakistan need to worry.

So this is it people.

In just under half a day, the first delivery of the ICC World Twenty20 will be bowled.

And maybe by Dirk Nannes - now that would be something, wouldn't it Jrod?

After that, all the above will count for not much, unless ofcourse the teams prove me right and make me look like some cricket messiah!

I doubt it; its just mere speculation. Isn't that what we all do?

Speaking of speculating, its easy to figure out who I'm backing for the semis:

South Africa
New Zealand

After that, its really anybody's game.

Make your pitch on this post...

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11 Pitched:

  1. Farooq Syed said...

    Q ! i love ur optimisim for Pakistan, the entire nation seems to be optimistic and confident other than the team which is such a shame

  2. Abdullah said...

    U are living in a fool’s paradise if u still feel Pakistan can win the competition after 2 diabolical and humiliating performances. There will need to be some sort of heroic aspect to turn this low morale over.

    Nevertheless Pakistan is projected to have an easy super 8 group so graduating to the semi final may not be difficult after all.

    Younis needs to be inventive in his on field tactics such as bowling Gul from over 13 onwards and perhaps even open the bowling with Afridi as a different strategy like many teams are doing in T20 cricket. I rate Ahmed Shehzad fondly after that 31 cameo against India but the bowling consists of too much mediocrity.

    LOL at Roy’s disciplinary issues.

  3. 12th Man said...

    The predictions are pretty much similar Q. I have chosen Australia over Pakistan. Pakistan are still good and can go on to win the tournament. My opinions are a bit biased since the four teams I have mentioned have been in good T20 form off late and I haven't seen much of the Pakistani players in the recent past.

  4. Indophile said...

    Q did you see Fawad Alam doing boxing practice just after the warm up match against India. Somebody was having boxing pads and he was pounding ala Rocky style. Some anger management PCB has in their kitty first you don't give a chance to a player and then calm him down by giving boxing practice.

  5. Q said...

    Farooq: If we're not optimistic or confident, then who will be? Just backing the team man, hope they come good :-)

    Even though I'm jittery now after what the Dutch have done to England!

  6. Q said...

    Maza: Can't say they were really humiliating.. we were up against the best teams in the competition and we were settling into the conditions..

    Gul bowled from the 13th over against SA and was unsuccessful.. then he attacked against India and was unsuccessful again.. Kia kare bechara Younis?

  7. Q said...

    12th Man: Pakistan have been in good T20 form since the format began :-) .. take a look at my Pakistan preview, the table is in that post.

  8. Q said...

    Oh wait a second, 12th Man, your semi finalists are India, SA, Aus, and NZ.. Only 2 of India, SA, and Aus can get to the semis cos they're all in the same Super 8 pool.. all 3 cannot be there.

  9. Q said...

    Indophile: I missed that, but your right they sure are making Fawad take out all his frustration on a punching bag..

    I feel for the boy.

  10. 12th Man said...

    I had a look at the tables and it is surprising. If T20 performances are an indication to go by, I'm sure Pakistan are in with a good chance.

    I did not pay importance to the groupings and until you pointed out, was completely unaware of the the impossibility of having Ind, Aus and SA in the semi-finals.

  11. Q said...

    Yeah 12th Man.. the Super 8 pools are pre determined and based on seedings of the previous 20-20 WC..

    Ind, Pak, Aus, and NZ finished as semi finalists so have been seeded as A1, B1, C1, and D1..

    SA are D2, SL C2, Eng B2, and Bang A2.

    WI did not win a single game in the last tournament hence they ended as 11th seed and are grouped with WI and Aus.

    The other 3 spots went to the 3 qualifiers.. with Scotland replacing Zimbabwe cos of the visa issues.

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