Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Why West Indies and Sri Lanka are the Dark Horses at the ICC World Twenty20

And no, there is no intended pun in the title.

There is something about both, West Indies and Sri Lanka, that you want them to do well. I don't know whether its because they don't win as often or whether they're just likeable teams.

But here are some reasons why they may just surprise a few at the ICC World Twenty20.
  1. In Gayle and Jayasuriya they've got the 2 most destructive batsmen in world cricket. If they get going, not many teams will get past them.

  2. One team is keen to do well because it was sent to England earlier than it wanted to be there, so there is something to prove.

    The other is coming back to international cricket after a traumatized tour to Pakistan and under a new captain. Fresh thinking, fresh start, winning start?

  3. In Edwards and Malinga, both the teams have got the best slingers in the business.

  4. They're pooled together in the 1st round with the 3rd team being Australia; so the chances are that 1 of them will not qualify.

    But if both do after toppling Australia, it augurs well for their confidence in the Super 8s, which could take them all the way.

  5. Since Gayle's outburst in the Guardian, the Windies contingent has been quiet. Same goes for Sri Lanka, with only King Sanga speaking of how the expectations are low from his team.

    With less tongues wagging, they will surely be letting their bats and balls do the talking.

I believe its high time that the West Indies set their 20-20 world cup record straight by winning atleast one game; and for Sri Lanka to rise above the expectations and prove their record in England wrong.

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13 Pitched:

  1. straight point said...

    alas they are in 'death' group...

  2. Chullanz said...

    and w.i have got a very good all rounder in bravo, mahroof for lanka

  3. Stani Army said...

    You called it Q!

    Gale looked destructive in the warm up. Serves all the English commentators/reporters right for putting him down after his recent comments on his preference of the shorter form of the game.

  4. Stani Army said...

    Chullanz, you're right about Bravo. He's quality.

  5. Chullanz said...

    want to add one more to this Bangal Tigers... Team india beware may be a slim chance of 2007 world cup repetition...chances are slim but anything can happen in politics n cricket :-). if mortaza can repeat his dream spell am sure he will get enough support from sakib, tamim n ashraful can breath fire with tale end explosion of mortaza who knows the day will be theirs. on other hand only raina n rohit are in good nick ,yuvi sehwag gambhir,pathan n cool dude r not at all in any kind of form. dhoni beware!! not always u can ride on luck( sorry Q- for the long comment)

  6. Q said...

    SP: reckon that the 2 that go ahead from the death group, may go all the way.

  7. Q said...

    Chullanz: Bravo is an awesome talent.. Maharoof still has a lot to do with his batting..

  8. Q said...

    Stani: Gayle was at his destructive best today! The man can play some T20.. who cares abt tests eh? ;-)

  9. Q said...

    Chullanz: ur thoughts and comments, no matter how long, are always welcome.

    Bring them on! :-)

    I agree with you.. India cannot take them lightly.. they pushed Australia yesterday and took the Lankans to the end today.. they're looking dangerous..

  10. Cricket Bats said...

    If the West Indies are to win the 20/20 it is key that Gayle hits form.

    Here's hoping a win will reignite the Calypso Cricket Spirit of the 70s & 80s

  11. Q said...

    Cricket Bats: Welcome to Well Pitched.

    Here's hoping they do man.. If not win it, then at least make it to the semis.

  12. Gaurav Sethi said...

    believe it or not, can see both teams playing so badly, they'll refuse to move up to the super 8s.

    will need some very dark horses to drag them thru

  13. Q said...

    NC: how bad exactly? even if they play like sh*t, 1 of em will go to the 8s.. and if aus have a bad day or 2, both of em will!

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