Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Please don't compare Babar with others ...

Cricinfo produced the following graphic showing the % of a team's runs scored by the team's top run scorer in this World Cup.

It shows the dependency of each team on its main batsman.

You know what else it shows? Take a look...

Kane Williamson
9 years of International Cricket
147 ODIs, 72 Tests, 57 T20Is

Rohit Sharma
12 years of International Cricket
214 ODIs, 27 Tests, 94 T20Is

Shakib Al Hasan
13 years of International Cricket
206 ODIs, 55 Tests, 72 T20Is

David Warner
10 years of International Cricket
115 ODIs, 74 Tests, 70 T20Is

Faf Du Plessis
8 years of International Cricket
143 ODIs, 58 Tests, 44 T20Is

Joe Root
7 years of International Cricket
141 ODIs, 80 Tests, 32 T20Is

Take a look at all that experience.

In comparison, here is Babar Azam's.

4 years of International Cricket
72 ODIs, 21 Tests, 30 T20Is

Exactly half the number of international matches as the least experienced player in the list above (123 vs Faf's 245).

So how is it fair that Pakistan fans ask for Babar to produce more match winning knocks? Or compare him to the batsmen in the above list?

While other teams are heavily relying on their senior and most experienced players, Pakistan's batting is heavily reliant on one of the team's youngest players.

After he has played as much cricket, he will probably be well ahead of each one of them!

Give him time and space to grow.

Wait and watch ...

Make your pitch on this post...

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