Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Some Thoughts on Pakistan's 30...

Captaincy Debate

Shoaib Malik and Misbah-ul-Haq were retained as captain and vice-captain respectively.

For me, this was the key take away from Pakistan's 30 probables that were finally announced yesterday after much delay.

After lengthy discussions, it was the Chairman and his leash that proved to be as tight as ever before.

Despite numerous arguements from senior PCB officials, as well as, some senior players, DNA had none of it and maintained his stance of Malik completing his 2-year term as captain.

Ins and Outs & Inefficiencies

Shoaib Akhtar's in, Mohammad Asif's out, Mohammad Yousuf's out.

Different reasons and circumstances for these 3 who were all expected to be a part of the squad.

What bothers me is that regarding Shoaib and Yousuf - when the PCB knew the deadline was 11h July, why were'nt all these issues sorted out in time.

Why did DNA, the selectors, and all the others involved wake up at the last minute?

The Asif issue was beyond their control. That's understandable but on the 11th of July when the probables should have been announced, there was no news of an IPL drug scandal.

Just goes to show how inefficient an organization the PCB is.

They have been criticized way too much now. Why don't they all just resign?


Not only inefficient, but the PCB is also an inconsistent lot.

Looking at the 30 probables you would notice that there is no Naumanullah there.

One wonders then that how could a batsman who a month ago was good enough to be in a squad of 16 for the Kitply Cup, is no longer good enough to be in the top 30 ODI players in the country.

And that too without playing a game in between.

Remember when I said this about him.

Considering that there is no Yousuf, this might have been an ideal opportunity to give Nauman some games.

They defy logic, the PCB do.

Some Positives

The selectors included 5 uncapped players who were among the top performers this domestic season, which shows that the selectors aren't completely asleep.

Anwar Ali, who has been on the fringes for some time now, along with Ahmed Shehzad, the leading U19 batsman, Mohammad Aamer, the left arm pacer who impressed Wasim Akram, Azhar Ali, this season's leading domestic List A run scorer, and Mohammad Ali, the young pacer from Shoaib Malik's home town have all been included in Pakistan's 30.

More on them later.

Make your pitch on this post...

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23 Pitched:

  1. Anonymous said...

    No need for DNA to resign, the whole govt officials run the PCB and now Wasim Akram's influence is obvious on team selection which is another dent in Pak team's future.

  2. Anonymous said...

    an indian view well said.

  3. Q said...

    Why is Wasim Akram's influence a dent in the future?

    Sohail Tanvir was his influence.

  4. straight point said...

    aiv...if it was wasim;s influence...malik wont be captain...

    q...regarding taking decisions at last min...

    last min has the capacity...the negotiate in your favor...specially politicians use this as tool which never fails...

    dna did that...and malik is captain :)

  5. Anonymous said...

    Mind you Wasim takes credit on every single new find i.e., fast bowler esp. if he is a lefty and his credibility is a question mark owing to his past. DNA did not use his power in the end the politicians use their veto for Malik. Read Indian newspapers what they are saying!

  6. Anonymous said...

    The leash does not belong to DNA it belongs to the Patron in chief when he will resign these guys will also go until then they are going to stay.

    He is the ultimate Veto power in DNA's case and will continue to protect him as long as he is in the office , and DNA is the Ultimate veto power in Malik's case he will also continue to protect him as long as he is in the office, the leash is quite long and its tied around many necks.

    It was sad to see Nauman Ullah joining the hall of fame for water boys, I wonder what that guy did to deserve this treatment,under this current administration the path of selection only leads to one door which opens in the hall of fame for water boys.

  7. Q said...

    So ur spot on abt that - Malik would no where be there if it was up to Wasim Akram.

  8. Q said...

    An India View..

    Wasim Akram does not take credit for every new good find.

    It was the PCB who told the world that it was Wasim Akram who suggested Sohail Tanvir to replace Shoaib Akhtar at the World T20.

    And even now Wasim Akram has been calling for Aamer's inclusion for some time and the PCB has done that. He's not taking credit for anything - we're talking abt how Wasim Akram talked abt a boy and the PCB picked him.

    Wasim Akram hasn't taken the credit for anything himself. When Irfan Pathan was doing well early in his career, it was he who showered praise on Wasim Akram and not the other way round..

  9. Q said...

    Wasim - ur right there, the leash is quite long and twisted around a lot of necks.. DNA at the end of the day is also a puppet..

  10. Anonymous said...

    Don't you guys think that Musharaf is good for your country because he has not only tied that leash on to the necks of those who are dealing with the game of cricket but also to the much deserving necks of Zardari and Nawaz Shareef? I think as long as he stays, its a good check and balance.

  11. BiLo said...

    an indian view ...
    Musharraf is certainly not the pick for our country. Yes, I do acknowledge his achievements, but only at the cost of faith, insecurity and political turmoil, which definitely curbs his reverence to our country. As for cricket, appointment of retired army chiefs or doctors as your cricket board head is certainly a dim-witted decision and its after-maths can be easily judged by the plethora of controversies and embarrassment surrounding Pakistan cricket.

  12. Q said...

    What check and balance Indian View?

    I agree with Bilo.

    Even though Musharraf started off really well his reign has been nothing but destruction all round - the judiciary, the parliament, the constitution, the ministries, the financial sector - everything has been destroyed by him single handedly just to remain in power.

    Lets not even get into the cricket - he after all is the Patron of the PCB.

    And on top of all this, what does he do? He brings back the crooks who looted Pakistan throughout the 90s forgetting why he first came into power by ousting Nawaz Sharif.

    What xactly makes him good then?

  13. Anonymous said...

    IMO the only good Musharraf did was kicking Zardari and Sharif out of the political equation but now that he has brought them back for his own gains he has nothing good to show for.

  14. Anonymous said...

    Q. I don't know what you want to discuss, cricket or politics? Because you say something and then you warn not to discuss politics. In the next sentence you continue on the same trail of politics and not cricket. Since there is politics in Pakistan cricket lets discuss both.

    The whole world knows these two people (Zardari/Nawaz) who were in exile have been brought in by the people of Pakistan and the people of Pakistan elected them.

    It is also a known fact that the people of Pakistan get easily fed up by their leaders and demands a change - history is a witness to this effect. The reason being there is no democratic maturity among the masses or even among the leaders.

    bilo - what kind of loss of faith?

    The current Pakistani population has more bent towards religion and faith than it ever had. In fact the whole world knows and talk about extremism in the country. Are you saying this because Musharaf doesn't have a beard, hence he is lacking in faith?

    So in your eyes there is no difference between an ex-army General and a Doctor who is a civilian then, who is more qualified for the job? The ex- cricket players of Pakistan?

    Other than Imran Khan no one can qualify for that post. But, Imran Khan is into heavy duty politics he is aiming for the post of Musharaf why would he accept the post of a Chairman of the PCB? It is beneath his dignity and honour. If he becomes the President then he will automatically be the Patron in Chief of the PCB, I guess?

    As regards dimwitted decisions they are being enforced from the top government officials, like wasim said the leash is long and those who are controlling it are beyond anyone's reach, they are untouchables.

    Regarding drugs even if your own child get out of hands and start abusing drugs you cannot control him. Asif and Akhtar has ruined the image of your country and I am sorry to say this but it is a fact.

  15. Q said...

    When did I warn not to discuss politics Indian View?

    I discussed everything here.

    Correction on your comment - Zardari and Nawaz were not brought back by the people - they were not brought back by deals brokered with Musharraf.

    Which people are u talking about? Those who gathered in thousands to welcome them? They were nothing but poor paid villagers.

    Democratic maturity exists among the educated working middle-upper class in Pakistan, yet their votes are not even taken into account by corrupt politicians. So pls don't blame the voting public which is bought and if you look at it from the villagers point of view - they have no choice but to accept it.

    As for the people of Pakistan - we know what we want, yet there's no one to listen to us, nor do we have the power or the money to do what we want to with the country.

    Bilo was talking about faith in him to lead the country Indian... why are you bringing religion into it?

    No one pointed fingers at Musharraf for not having a beard. And again, which population are u talking about? those extremists are in the minority.

    U can't be sitting in India, reading Indian newspapers, watching Indian news channels, and making judgement calls on the Pakistan population - u're bound to have a biased view.

    There are a number of ex cricketers who could do a better job than Nasim Ashraf. Imran Khan is not the only one. People like Mudassar Nazar, Mushtaq Mohammad, Intikhab Alam are a few individuals that come to mind instantly.

    Your right in saying that Imran Khan is not interested, but he's not interested in the president's seat either. He wants the PM seat.

    However your suggestion of Imran Khan becoming president and patron of the PCB has promise. That would probably be the best thing to happen to Pakistan.

  16. Q said...

    I meant "brought back by deals brokered by Musharraf"...

  17. Anonymous said...


    I completely agree with you.

  18. Anonymous said...

    You scroll back and browse back Q on numerous occasions you have said lets not discuss politics because we are a cricket blog, stick to cricket.

    I guess you being the blog owner you are using your prerogative and options to exercise what you want and when you want. Never mind, if I have hurt your feelings then I am sorry for that. But, your view is biased not mine. You being a Pakistani you want to go with the flow of change, with the people of Pakistan who are demanding a change for the sake of a change and thats why you are demanding a change.

    The deal to bring back Benazir and Nawaz Sharif was on public demand. Who created those demands? Your judiciary. They went out on the streets like a political party and stirred the uneducated massses.

    And from the way Musharraf played his cards by offering immunity to Benazir for writing off the sins of Zardari or to wipe off like a clean slate is indeed a political move and not a dimwit General's dud idea. Just think what I am saying here.

    Now, neither Zardari nor Nawaz can release the Judges despite being in power because their own position is in a jeopardy. The immunity they got from Musharaf would become null and void and they will have to disclose the details of what has been pardoned and why? In other words they will be exposed nanga!

    Every time when a new government comes into power they blame the previous one. Did Nawaz Shareef not empty out the coffers before he put a ban on FC accounts? Did Zardari not steal money from the country and filled it up in Swiss Bank Accounts? What about the property and assets in Dubai worth hundreds of millions of dollars?

    Can these two prove that Musharaf owns any assets inside or outside Pakistan that he acquired during his reign? I doubt it.

    Q. this vote bechna aur khareedna theory is very old. In Pakistan it has ALWAYS been like this, I guess the only voters who come to vote are those who have been bought by the politicians or controlled by them.

    The only genuine voters who go and vote for the party are the ones who want the religious parties to come into power and that doesn't happen because you have yourself pointed out that they are in minority.

    How come you interpret what is in bilo's mind? Faith means Faith and nothing other than Faith and whats wrong in my pointing out that Faith in Pakistan is much stronger now then it used to be before?

    Don't you guys have religious political parties? Don't you call Pakistan as Islamic Republic of Pakistan? And don't you guys proudly say that Pakistan is the only country on earth which has been created on the basis of religion? So why are you so touchy man? What wrong did I say?

    I can go on and on but you think I am biased whereas, you don't realize how biased you are. Good luck to you anyways!

  19. Anonymous said...


    Indian what a view man. I am a Pakistani but you stumped me and you clean bowled everyone else on this blog.

  20. BiLo said...

    Indian View…
    Firstly, I would like to point out my claim towards the ‘Faith’ as you rightly mentioned it is the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and what Musharraf did was nothing but introduce Moderate-Islam, and is there anything such as a Moderate Religion. In any religion either there ‘It is’or there ‘Its Not’, there so such thing as a may-be. What Musharraf did (quoting to all your extensive research on Benzair, Zardari, Sharif Brothers) was to induce moderate-thinking into the feeble minds of Pakistanis, by giving false assurances of stability by invasion of Afghanistan, restoration of democracy by handing powers to the most corrupt Politian’s known to Pakistan. People started to believe that this is right, what he promises is true and will bring fortune. You, out of your clever wisdom, can see for your self how much fortune his reign has bestowed on Pakistan. A complete turmoil, fanatics are on a rampage in the western frontier, his ousting of the Highest Law Authority of Pakistan on a steel mill row, which was adversely effecting Musharraf, (Chief Justice) has left the judiciary in chaos, and those self proclaimed educated illiterates are roaming the streets of Pakistan screaming out for justice. Why, because some of his moderate-islamic approach has led to inclusion of ‘may-be’ thought in our minds. Ideally, if it all were initiated with the same genuine intent that he sought during the 1999 cope, ‘May-Be’ none of this would have happened.
    The fact that Musharraf having a beard is such a concern, one is less worried about and thankful at the same time. Those with beards (Mualan Fazl-ur-Rehman, Qazi Hussian) have depicted an even gruesome and treacherous picture of Muslims. And Yes, we are for religious political parties, because Pakistan is the first nation in the world formed on the foundation of religion and faith! This again does not imply nor is it any much permissible by Islam, to have all the non-muslims killed (referring to the Islamic extremists)
    And as for Asif, Akhtar and PCB, if you do not appoint the right person for the right job things go mayhem, and it certainly has. The mis-management of Asif and Akhtar is only liable to the incompetence of PCB and their advisory.
    On a slightly lighter note, I do admire your knowledge and comments on present Pakistan politics. I believe, and coherently agree with Q, it is the Indian media and newspapers, which are not wrong rather it is what, ought to be.

  21. Anonymous said...

    Frankly Yousuf should be canned... it is highly evident that things have grown too big in his mind.. his priorities and terms & conditions are getting bigger by the day... As for the PCB and the management... they are terrible... not for the decisions but for the fact that they rock back and forth on those decisions.

  22. Anonymous said...

    If yousuf is canned what will be left in Pakistan's batting line up.

  23. Q said...

    Scorps - Its a sensitive matter forcing people to play during Ramadan or holding it against them if they don't..

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